GCL Products Ltd Launch X-Grid Ground Reinforcement Grids

Published on 2014-12-01

  • GCL Products Ltd Launch X-Grid Ground Reinforcement Grids

X Marks the spot!

GCL Products are excited to be able to announce the launch of the X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement Grid, an exciting new innovation in the field of landscaping. GCL Products Ltd are manufacturers & Distributors of Groundworks, Civil engineering and Landscaping products. The company is based in Dronfield, Derbyshire and specialises in ground reinforcement and grass protection materials made from recycled and recyclable materials. GCL Products Ltd facilities are located between Sheffield and Chesterfield, which are ideally situated for easy access to the main distribution routes.

What is X-Grid®?

The X-Grid® has been specially engineered to assist in the delicate task of ground reinforcement. Its purpose is to provide stability and solidity to a surface whilst preserving the ground that is in use. The grid’s design allows for water to pass through, ensuring that surfaces stay dry and that the ground underneath stays properly moisturised.  Constructed from 100% recycled plastics, and manufactured in Britain the X-Grid® is perfect for the economically and ecologically minded. The simple and intuitive design of the X-Grid® makes it suitable for professionals and amateur landscapers alike. It has plenty of utility and will help improve many landscaping projects.


The main use that the X-Grid® is designed for is to be used to create large areas that are suitable for car parking. The structure of the X-Grid® is incredibly resilient and is more than capable of withstanding the pressure of many cars. To this end, GCL also sell markers which can be used to delineate parking bays. Once the grids have been placed, gravel, sand or soil can be placed over the top. This makes the X-Grid® a remarkable alternative to tarmac or concrete, whose removal requires a costly and lengthy process and often permanently damages the ground.

Other projects where the X-Grid® would be useful include, but are not limited to: gravel driveways, access roadways and footpaths. The X-Grid® is offered in a selection of colours, allowing you to develop the aesthetic of your project down to the smallest detail.


  • X-Grid®'s permeability permits the surface water to run through the grids, right back to the water table
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems known as SUDS and  Flood and Water Management Act 2010 compliant
  • Capable of supporting  350 tonnes/m² and has a vehicle compression strength in excess of 10 tonnes axle load
  • Tested by an independent test house as meeting the requirements for DIN 1072
  • UV & Weather resistant
  • Available in a variety of colours to suit landscaping requirements
  • Cost effective, especially when purchased in bulk
  • Local production and recycled material means a low carbon footprint
  • The X-Grid® is also recyclable.
  • Sown grass can easily be mowed with the X-Grid® in place
  • Lightweight and versatile at only 0.57kgper panel
  • Each panel measures 330x330x40mm, easily handled by one person
  • 9 panels lock together to create onesquare metre, weighing just 5.19kgs
  • Uninstalling the X-Grid® is a simple matter of clearing off the covering material and picking the grids up


  • All panels interlock together to create a large surface area for your landscaping
  • Installation is simple: 100m² can be laid in one hour, given practice
  • Start by marking out the area needed, clearing and smooth the space
  • Work out how many X-Grids® are required
  • Start in a corner and work your way outwards until everypanel has been laid
  • Cover the area in the material of your choosing and smooth out.
  • If you wish to grow grass, seed the soil and allow time for the grass to grow. After a few weeks, the grass will have covered the layer of X-Grids®
  • For our full installation guide please visit ourX-Grid® installation and technical specification guide. 


If you want any further information about X-Grid® Ground Reinforcement Grids,  please contact a member of our sales team on 01246-418144 and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.


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