Park on a New Age Driveway

Published on 2014-12-16

  • Park on a New Age Driveway

What do you think of when you hear – driveways? Most people will think of the plain old concrete slab, gravel or asphalt driveway. What about a grass driveway? It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words driveway.

Why not make a grass driveway with a pattern. Give your plain old driveway some style. There are these panels people use to make designs and patterns in the driveway so it stands out among the plain old slabs and gravel queries we call driveways.

You can make a zig-zag pattern by placing soil in the different areas of these panels. Or maybe you like a checker board feel or maybe even a striped pattern. There are so many different designs you can create on your grass driveway. You can place grass seed and soil in some of the panel cubes and gravel in other spots. Or perhaps you could try grass and flowers on the borders. The cool thing about grass driveways is that you can be inventive. Use your imagination to create whatever neat design you want.

Driveways aren’t just for parking your vehicles on. The grass driveway gives your property some style. Grass driveways are easy to take care of. When the grass gets to long you simply mow over it to get the grass back to the level you want it. Unlike concrete or gravel driveways, grass driveways are easier to clean up and easier to work on when you are changing the oil or doing maintenance on your vehicles.

When you aren’t taking up a spot on your driveway it will be seen by everyone. Who wants to look at the same old driveways up and down the block? So rather than just having a plain old boring, run of the mill driveway. Why not make it look nice with a grass driveway. Grass driveways are great. They are out of the box and out of the norm. People will envy your driveway because it has pizazz.

The lightweight panels are easy to maneuver and can hold up to even your heaviest vehicle so it makes changing the design of your grass driveway a snap. Not to mention the panels lock together so you can create even more cool effects on your grass driveway. Thanks to these unique panels if you decided to change the grass driveway around these panels won’t damage the ground underneath them. This is great so you can have grass in whatever new spots you want for your next driveway masterpiece.

Grass driveways are a perfect way to help the environment as well. As most of you know grass, trees and plants clean our air and make oxygen for us to breath. By using a grass driveway you are not only going to have the best looking grass driveway but you are also going to be helping the environment. Now that is pretty cool.

You can show off your property by using a grass driveway. Think about it. You see the same concrete driveways all around you. Then you see your grass driveway. Your property is now standing out of the crowd. You are not just another house on the block. Your property can show off your individuality and your sense of style. Be proud of your grass driveway and show off your place.

As mentioned before these patterns are made possible by using special panels. GCL Products Ltd a company based in Britain, makes these unique lightweight, durable panels X-Grid. They come in a variety of colors so not only can you make patterns with grass patches but you can also brighten them up with different color panels. 


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