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How to choose the best forced action mixer

View Forced Action Mixers choosing the forced action mixer Forced Action Mixers are used to combine almot any multi-part construction materials. Mixing materials can include lime putty, render, resin bound gravel, sand and cements, paints, epoxy resins, mortar, concrete and screed. The ability to mix all of these different materials eliminates the need to carry […]

TurfMesh Product Spotlight
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Product Spotlight: TurfMesh

The Ultimate Guide to TurfMesh Grass Reinforcement Mesh TurfMesh Reinforcement Mesh is a light-duty grass protector, which is used on green surfaces employed for occasional vehicles and pedestrian use. Meshes can be used to protect the root of the grass below whilst holding the weight of vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Once installed and the grass […]

Rubber Grass Mats Complete Guide
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Rubber Grass Mats – The Complete Guide

Rubber Grass Mats View Grass Mats here A complete guide to Rubber Grass Mats It is normal during colder seasons or severe weather for grass to become damaged. Subsequently, many organisations and households have turned to rubber grass mats to ensure their surface is accessible year-round. They consist of an environmentally-friendly, impact absorbing surface manufactured […]