Driveway legislation: all you need to know

Driveway legislation: all you need to know

Gravel Driveway Grid View X-Grid Range driveway legislation: do you need planning permission to install a driveway? The legislation around laying a new driveway intensified following heavy flooding across the country in 2007. The floods were exacerbated by non-porous driveways increasing the volume of rainwater flowing into storm drain and overwhelming the system. As urbanisation […]

Why households need to use SUDS compliant solutions

Why households need to use SUDs compliant solutions

Gravel Driveway Grid View X-Grid Range SUDS are environmentally friendly drainage systems Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) are a collection of simple philosophies and techniques that can help to reduce flooding. It is a water management method that is designed to successfully handle natural water processes in the urban environment. This blog post explains what they […]

SoRoTo Pan Mixers
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7 things you can manufacture using a forced action mixer

View SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers Forced action mixers are versatile for a range of applications SoRoTo forced action mixers are made to the highest quality so that they can handle use for multiple applications in the toughest of environments. Many UK contractors and tradespeople are dependent on forced action mixers in order to do their […]

TurfMesh delivers a performance to be proud of
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TurfMesh gives a performance to be proud of

TurfMesh Browse TurfMesh TurfMesh 1000 at Frozen Light Theatre Frozen Light creates exciting and original multi-sensory theatre for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and tours it to theatre venues and arts centres nationwide. As they launched their first ever outdoor production ‘Night Out in Nature’, they spoke to GCL Products about how […]

Surface water charges could be set to increase
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How to reduce surface water drainage charges

Gravel Driveway Grid View X-Grid Range Global warming could increase surface water drainage This risk of surface flooding occurs when rain is so substantial that the ground cannot cope and drain water quickly enough. According to scientists, this will become a more frequently occurring as the climate emergency worsens. This means as time goes on, […]

The difference between plaster and render
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The difference between plaster and render

Browse Forced Action Mixers What is the difference between Plastering and rendering? Plaster and render may feature similar practices that many people outside the trade struggle to distinguish between them. Fundamentally, two main differences lie in their composition. Whilst both are composed primarily of cement, sand, water and lime gypsum, render has a much heavier […]