Toolstream are specialists in hand tools, power tools, fixing and adhesives.
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Product Spotlight: Toolstream

The ultimate guide to Toolstream tools and accessories

We now supply Toolstream products and accessories via our website and in our new store at Sheepbridge Lane, Chesterfield.

The expansive range features everything from chainsaws to tapes ideal for garden improvements and improvements round the home – and suitable for both homeowners and contractors for a wide number of applications.

This blog post introduces the new range and helps you find exactly the tools and machinery that you need.

GCL Products Now Supply ToolStream Products
GCL Products Now Supply ToolStream Products

Gardening and Groundworks Tools Available

Browse the new range here or visit our Chesterfield store

Who are toolstream?

Toolstream is a manufacturer of more than 6,000 branded hand tools, power tools, fixings and adhesives.

Toolstream are based in Yeovil, Somerset and operate from a purpose-built distribution centre. 

The range features market leading brands such as Silverline, Triton, GMC and many more.

The company specialises in garden and groundwork tools. This blog post takes a look at the products on offer.

Toolstream are specialists in hand tools, power tools, fixing and adhesives.
Toolstream are specialists in hand tools, including garden and groundwork.

Building tools

The building tools in the range include the Chisel & Point Bar, Digging Bar, Drain Spade, Fibreglass Pick Handle and Pick Head.

The Chisel and Point Bar is a heavy duty crowbar drop forged from high quality carbon steel which is ideal for levering heavy objects, wrecking work and digging. The pointed tip is ideal for breaking stone and concrete.

The Digging Bar is a long crowbar which is hand forged by skilled craftsmen. It features a mushroom tamper head for compacting and a digging blade for posthole digging and cutting roots.

The Drain Spade is best suited for digging deep narrow trenches or post holes. It features a pressed steel head with a corrosion-resistant finish.

The Fibreglass Pick Handle is a high density, polypropylene-covered fibreglass pick axe handle. It has excellent shock-absorbing qualities and can be used with pick and mattock heads.

There are also Frankfurter and Hollander Shovel Heads

ToolStream Digging Bar
The Digging Bar being used on a building site

Building Tools

Click the button below to view our full range of building tools or click on the icons on the left to visit products. For more information call us on 01246 418144.

Visit Building Tools

Digging and Cultivating

The Toolstream digging and cultivating range includes forks, spades, rakes and brushes. It includes:

The All-Steel Digging Fork features a one-piece solid forged head and steel shaft. It is ideal for gardening and light general building work. 

The All-Steel Digging Spade consists of a steel hammer finished head, tubular steel shaft and varnished MYD handle. It is heat-treated for strength and durability.

The Border Fork is an epoxy-coated garden fork. It is fashioned along traditional lines and is a superbly balanced tool made from quality components. The polypropylene-coated steel construction stops soil from sticking. 

The Decking Weed Brush is designed for clearing weeds and moss from decking and patio areas. The heavy-duty point scraper clears gaps between boards.

The Telescopic Rake used to remove leaves
The Telescopic Rake used to remove leaves


The Crossover Post Hole Digger is a long-handled steel scissor action post hole digger – perfect for fast soil removal. 

The Fencing Maul features a cast steel head with a double-round striking face for safety and ease of use. It is ideal for driving wooden fence posts into the ground.

The Fencing Pliers are made from tough, drop-forged and hardened steel. Plus the comfortable soft-grip handles makes it ideal for twisting, pulling, cutting and gripping wire.

The Post Driver is ideal for driving wooden posts deep into the ground. It is suitable for both square and round posts.

Browse the fencing range here.

Crossover Post Hole Digger
Crossover Post Hole Digger

Forged head tools

Forged head tools are used for different types of digging and excavation due to their unique designs.

The Solid Forged Rabbiting Spade is perfect for digging drain and pipe channels, trenches and post holes.It features a hardened and tempered, single-piece forged steel head and socket and an extra-long, tubular steel shaft.

The Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel is a hardened and tempered, single-piece, forged steel head and socket. It is handy for a large number of tasks including shovelling, mixing, clearing and back-filling.

Browse forged head tools.

Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel
Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel

Garden Power Accessories

Garden power accessories include trimmer lines and harnesses.

The 4-Point Harness is ideal for use with brush cutters, line trimmers and long-reach pruners. It features a cushioned shoulder pad and adjustable nylon straps for ultimate comfort.

The Heavy Duty Trimmer Line is made from nylon co-polymer and fits most electric and petrol-powered trimmers so that they can be used wherever they are needed.

View garden power accessories.

4 Point Harness
4 Point Harness

Hand tools

The general purpose Aluminium Rule is suitable for a wide range of garden and carpentry applications. It features metric and imperial graduations and a hanging hole for storage.

The Bulb Planter is ideal for planting bulbs with a spring-release action. It is zinc-plated with an easy-grip handle for quick and easy planting.

The Hand Garden Rake is a corrosion-resistant hand rake with a steel head and plastic handle for easy control. 

Look at our hand tools range here.

ToolStrean Bulb Planter
Bulb Planter

Logging tools

Logging tools include tools for cutting, skidding and processing logs or trees.

The 300mm and 310mm Chainsaw Sharpening Tools are ideal for sharpening all low profile chainsaw chains.

The Kindling Splitting Tool is designed for creating kindling and ideal for splitting small logs, thin timber and planks.

The Log Saw Horse holds logs up to 150kg and is designed for use with chain or hand-held saws. It features a sturdy steel construction with serrated edges for grip and three adjustable width fittings.

The Loggers Filing Vice makes chain and bar maintenance easier for users, especially in the field. It’s forks drive into any tree stump and jaw locks the bar securely.

Browse logging tools here.

Log Saw Horse
Log Saw Horse

Measuring tools

Measuring tools are available for a number of purposes.

The 3-in-1 Soil Tester monitors moisture, light & pH levels. It is invaluable for gardeners with an easy-to-read dial gauge and 2 x 210mm long probes.

The Rain Gauge monitors rainfall to determine the watering needs of your garden. The tapered base means it can be pushed into the soil or it features a steel wall mount to be mounted to a wall.

Browse ToolStream measuring tools here.

Rain Gauge
Rain Gauge

Planting and growing

The Planting and Growing Tools include a wide variety of resources.

The Plant Support 3 Ring provides support for growing plants, including vegetables.

Bamboo Sticks are used to help grow an array of flora – hold up stunning sunflowers, support plants and vegetables and help to reinforce pea and bean netting, garden netting, tree guards and tree shelters. 300mm Bamboo Sticks and 600mm Bamboo Sticks are available.

The Earth Anchor is easy to screw into the ground without pilot drilling and is ideal for securing parasols, rotary clothes lines, sports nets and signposts.

The Floral Gardening Gloves feature three colourful cotton printed design gloves. The rubber dot-coated palms provide a secure grip and the elasticated wrists give comfort.

Browse planting and growing here.

Garden Kneeler


Pruning is a horticultural practice that involves the selective removal of certain parts of a plant.

The Topiary Shears are ideal for trimming hedges and lawns via 155mm heat-treated carbon steel blades.

The Fruit Picker features chrome-plated metal picking teeth and cotton cloth collection bag for the harvesting and collecting of fruit.

Fruit Picker

Sacks and covers

We have a wide range of sacks and covers available for purposes including benches and barbecues.

The 3-Seater Bench Cover is made from double-laminated, UV-stabilised, 10gsm woven polyethylene. It protects against dirt while being waterproof, dustproof and rust-resistant.

The Garden Tip Sheet is ideal for collecting garden waste, including leaves, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings.

The Gutter Guard is designed to stop leaves and debris clogging guttering. It is made from non-corrosive polypropylene and can be cut to size.

Click here to browse sacks and covers.

Leaf Collectors


Sharpening Tools can be used to strengthen tools and equipment.

The Rotary Mower and Tool Sharpener is perfect for sharpening cutting edges. It features two angled faces and a guide disc and is suitable for use with all power drills.

Browse sharpening tools here.

Rotary Mower and Tool Sharpener
Rotary Mower and Tool Sharpener


Thermometers are essential for garden and industry performance to ensure optimum temperature is achieved.

The Indoor/Outdoor Stick-on Thermometer is a colour-coded dial and celsius reading. It is easy to attach to glass with four self-adhesive pads.

The Wooden Thermometer features a glass-tube construction set in hardwood. It has a hanging hook and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

View thermometers here.

Indoor and Outdoor Stick-On Thermometer
Indoor and Outdoor Stick-On Thermometer

Watering and spraying

Watering and Spraying Tools are ideal for ensure the garden and plants are hydrated.

The 9-Pattern Dial Sprinkler features a dial selector head with nine spray patterns. It is ideal for precision irrigation regardless of the shape and size of the lawn.

The Hose Connection is designed to connect a hose reel to an outside tap. It has a 1m hose and two hose quick connectors.

The Soft-Grip Spray Gun is a nine-pattern gun. It features a lock-on trigger for continuous water flow.

Browse the full range of watering and spraying tools here.

Pressure Sprayer 5ltr
Pressure Sprayer 5ltr

Available at our new chesterfield store

The Toolstream range of garden and groundwork tools are available online or in-person at our new store on Sheepbridge Lane, Chesterfield.

We have a comprehensive range of tools for garden, construction and landscaping, including well-loved brands from across the industries.

Browse anything from access roads matting to driveway reinforcement grid to construction tools.

Opening times are Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-4pm.

Find out more

To find out more information about anything in the new range call us on 01246 418144.

Alternatively, contact us on webchat or email us here.

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