RecoPly Email Campaign – December 2017

RecoPly From GCL Logo RecoPly Black and Red

Waterproof, Maintenance-free Plastic Ply Board

RecoPly USPs



• Workable like Wood

• Long Lasting & Easy to Handle

• Available in widths of 12mm and19mm 

• Colours include Dark GreyBlack,GreenBlue or Red with or without anti-slip surface treatment.


RecoPly Blue and In Use 600px

Possible RecoPly Uses:

• Garden & Agricultural applications for hutches, runs, kennels and stables

• Architectural applications such as concrete formwork and shuttering

• Furniture, street furniture, public toilets, shower blocks, worktop etc.

• Piling for slopes and marinas

• Fencing panelling

Greys RecoPly

More Uses:

• Advertising boards and hoardings

• Inner cladding boards for lofts or commercial vehicles

• Shed, Lean-to or outbuilding roofs

• Waste disposal bins, flower boxes or raised beds

• Bathrooms and many more

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