Eco-friendly 3-in-1 artificial grass treatment

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Key Facts
  • Eliminates odours from pet urine
  • Specifically formulated for artificial lawns
  • Non-toxic to people, pets & garden
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use – concentrate can be diluted to cover 50 square metres of artificial grass
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PeeClenz Artificial Grass Deodoriser removes the odours from pets from artificial grass.

PeeClenz deorizes dog and cat urines to get rid of unwanted smells. The unique blend of enzymes, surfactant and plant extract in the product break down uric acid into carbon dioxide and ammonia, which can both easily evaporate into the air.

PeeClenz comes in a 1 litre bottle and each bottle treats 50 square metres.

How to use PeeClenz Deodoriser on artificial grass

PeeClenz is easy to use.

Simply add half the bottle (500ml) to 5 litres in a watering can, and spray the lawn with the substance.

The non-toxic formula means the grass can be used by families and pet

Benefits of artificial grass

Artificial turf carries many benefits – it is comfortable underfoot and can be used in shaded areas, where real grass may not flourish.

As it does not need watering, it dramatically reduces water usage – which saves time, money and is good for the environment. It is non-allergenic, eradicating the risk of hayfever. The materials in artificial grass are extremely durable, stainproof, fade-resistant and won’t fray at the edges.

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