VertEdge® Adhesive

Adhesive for VertEdge perimeter edging

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Key Facts
  • Contains enough adhesive for 12m edge
  • Ensures long lasting strong join
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, aluminium, polyester
  • Hybrid Polymer base
  • Elastic Recovery >90%
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VertEdge Adhesive is designed to provide a long-lasting hold around the perimeter of the artificial grass.

The beauty of VertEdge and VertEdge adhesive is that artificial grass can be installed without wooden beams or other complicated construction. Each bottle contains enough adhesive to cover up to 12m of VertEdge, and it will cure quickly to ensure that the lawn is secure from day one.

These products take advantage of the natural flexibility of artificial grass, as it creates a profiled finish that will follow the contours of the garden. It is impossible to break, making it ideal for children and pets. As no pegs or nails are used, the garden remains free from hazards.

The adhesive has been designed to outlast the artificial grass it holds down.

It also ensures it does not degrade over time. The ideal maintenance-free solution to the garden.

How to install VertEdge using adhesive?

Using VertEdge adhesive, apply a 3-5mm bead of adhesive along the top section of VertEdge. Once applied, carefully fold back the artificial grass.

Maintain good adhesive contact between the artificial grass and VertEdge, press the artificial grass around the perimeter. Then use a rubber mallet, tuck down the grass into the back edge gap between VertEdge and the perimeter finish.

Why should you choose artificial grass?

Artificial grass is maintenance-free and easy to install. UV protection means it will stand the test of time.

It takes out the need for a lawnmower, watering the grass and pesticides – meaning homeowners have more time for themselves.

It is perfect for families as seasons will not change the condition of the lawn. It is clean and hygienic and means hayfever can be avoided.

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