Resin Binder – PermaBound UVR 7.5kg

BBA Approved UV-Stable Polyurethane Resin

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Key Facts
  • 7.5kg two-part aliphatic resin
  • UV-stable, does not discolour over time
  • Double-strength formulation
  • BBA-Approved
  • 50/50 Part A & Part B offers superior curing
  • Covers up to 4m² at 15mm
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The perfect mixer for resin bound gravel installations
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The PermaBound UVR resin binder is an industry-leading polyurethane binder which is manufactured by Leeson Polyurethanes to the highest standards. Our two-part aliphatic resin does not discolour or degrade over time, even in the most extreme temperatures and climates. Designed and formulated using the feedback from contractors and skilled chemists, PermaBound resin is one of the best resin bound gravel binders available on the market.

When mixed with the recommended quantities of our range of washed and kiln-dried aggregates and Chelford 52 sand, each two-part PermaBound kit can cover up to 4m² when laid at 15mm (most suited to landscaped areas and foot-traffic) and 3.55m² at a depth of 18mm (standard vehicular traffic). For in-depth details on the sub-base requirements, suggested spreading depths and ideal laying conditions please see our full resin bound installation guide.

Permabound UVR Resin Binder is manufactured by Leeson Polyurethanes, based on the feedback of hundreds of resin bound installers. It is up to three times stronger than some of the resin products available on the market.

The stone binder is a two-component system which is supplied in two parts: Part-A and Part-B. The separate buckets are accurately weighed in order to ensure that the correct ratio will be used.

We can offer BBA approval on installations when certain criteria are met, which gives end-users peace of mind that a resin bound installation has been done correctly and to a tested method. For more details on the GCL Products BBA-approved contractor scheme, please contact one of our sales team.

What is PermaPave?

PermaPave is a multi-discipline brands in the UK resin bound gravel market. They are proud suppliers of high-quality aggregates, polyurethane resin binders, tools, machinery and accessories. The resin bound gravel kits are BBA approved to ensure the contractor and end-user have peace of mind in the materials used and the installation process.

For more information on how to install PermaPave Resin Bound click here.

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Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg

What products should be used to clean tools when using this?

Xylene or white spirit can be used to clean tools used on resin bound gravel jobs. It's always best practice to clean-as-you-go as once the resin has set it can become very difficult to remove.

What preparation needs to take place before it can be used?

A site examination should take place before installation. This determines the amount of PermaBound and aggregate needed. Site drainage should take place across the application area. When this area meets the wall, the damp curse should be considered to avoid excess water.

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