GeoPave EzFloat

Quick Application UV-Stable Polyurethane Resin Binder

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Key Facts
  • 7.5kg two-part aliphatic resin binder
  • UV-stable, does not discolour over time
  • Double-strength formulation
  • Ideal for lower temperatures
  • 50/50 Part A & Part B offers superior curing
  • Covers up to 5m² at 12mm
SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer
The perfect mixer for resin bound gravel installations
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GeoPave EzFloat is a dual-component, light-stable aliphatic polyurethane binder which has been manufactured to the highest, industry-leading standards by Geveko Markings.

Low temperature resin binder

The binder is developed to allow trowel finishing at lower temperatures, allowing resin bound installers to reduce time spent on the job.

The resin binder is exceptionally resistant to discolouration after exposure to light. This means it is ideal for use with light coloured aggregates or aggregates where colour stability is the key requirement.

GeoPave is SUDS compliant, meaning it is beneficial for the environment. It allows the water to soak through the surface and therefore reduces the risk of flooding. Find out more about SUDS compliance below.

The solution is easy to install, UV stable, inhibits weed growth and is tolerant to fuel and solvent spillages. This means it can help to create a pleasing aesthetic to an area, while also improving labour efficiency.

It can be combined with any of the resin bound aggregates in our range to create a natural looking, decorative finish.

Application areas for resin bound aggregate include: pathways, driveways, parks, tree pits, swimming pool surroundings, pedestrian areas, patios, courtyards and much more.

Easy to install resin binder

The binder is easy to install with an initial set time (at 20°C) of four hours. It is recommended a catalyst be added to achieve an acceptable cure time.

A greater thickness will enable better compaction and improved durability.

Coverage guidance can be found below:

Location Suggested Min. Depth Approx Coverage*
Pedestrian Only Areas 12mm 5m2
Light Use Driveways 18mm 3.3m2
Light Commercial Vehicle Areas 25mm 2.4m2

The product needs little maintenance – occasional sweeping using a stiff brush is recommended. Cold pressure washing may be used to remove ingrained dirt to the binder.

It is recommended that all unopened materials are stored under cover in dry conditions.

SUDS Compliant

A SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant surface is any surface that allows water to drain naturally through the ground or directed into an installed soakaway.

The purpose is to allow rainwater to be drip-fed into the drainage and sewage systems – as opposed to flowing directly into them or overburdening drainage networks and causing flooding.

Read more about SUDS compliance here.

Find out more

To find out more information about the new GeoPave EzFloat, call 01246 418144, contact us on webchat or email us here.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg

What products should be used to clean tools when using this?

Xylene or white spirit can be used to clean tools used on resin bound gravel jobs. It's always best practice to clean-as-you-go as once the resin has set it can become very difficult to remove.

What preparation needs to take place before it can be used?

A site examination should take place before installation. This determines the amount of GeoPave and aggregate needed. Site drainage should take place across the application area. When this area meets the wall, the damp curse should be considered to avoid excess water.

Installation Instructions

Part A Safety Data Sheet

Part B Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Method Statement

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