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Resin Binder Leeson Bound UVR

Quick Application UV-Stable Polyurethane Resin Binder

Key Facts
  • 7.5kg two-part aliphatic resin binder
  • Double strength aliphatic stone binder
  • High strength system
  • Porous/SUDS compliant
  • Range of approved aggregate blends
  • Non-UV stabilised

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Leeson Bound UVR (PU4844/60) is a BBA Approved high-performance two-component polyurethane system.

It is a solvent free, fast curing binder used for bonding stone. It is based on aliphatic polyurethane technology to give enhance UV performance. It is for use with light coloured aggregates and aggregates where colour stability is the key requirement.

This binder is porous and SUDS compliant ensuring it can be used to reduce the risk of flooding. It is a high-strength system, designed to stand the test of time.

Once installed it is easy to maintain. The finished system is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. It is designed to be long lasting with little requirement for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.

It is suitable to be used with a wide range of approved aggregate blends meaning it can be used to complement surrounding buildings. It is suitable for driveways, paths, swimming pool surrounds and much more.

To create a non-slip surface the top can be scattered with microfine crushed glass particles for additional safety.

Installation of the system

  1. The system can be applied to concrete, asphalt or compacted MOT Type 1.
  2. Prior to the installation of the binder, the surface must be free from contamination.
  3. The Component A Resin Binder should be mixed using a slow speed, helical blade mixer (e.g. paddle mixer).
  4. Component B should be added and mixed thoroughly at slow speed until a consistent texture is achieved.
  5. The level of binder used will change for larger or more irregular particle sizes.
  6. The aggregate and binder should be mixed together using a forced action mixer, until all the aggregate is covered with the binder.
  7. The mixture is then applied to the surface using a trowel. Pressure must be applied to the mix to ensure leveling and adequate compression for the required mechanical properties to be achieved.
  8.  The surface should be allowed to cure for four hours at 20°C or for longer if the temperature is lower. Accelerator should be used if temperature falls below 15°C.
  9. During the curing period the surface should be protected from the rain.

It is recommended that the thickness is 16-18mm for driveways and paths, and 20-26mm for car parks.

Find out more

To find out more information about Leeson Bound UVR call 01246 418144, contact us on webchat or email us here.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
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What preparation needs to take place before it can be used?

A site examination should take place before installation. This determines the amount of UVR Binder and aggregate needed. Site drainage should take place across the application area. When this area meets the wall, the damp curse should be considered to avoid excess water.

Technical Data Sheet

Part A Safety Data Sheet

Part B Safety Data Sheet

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