Sprayer Lance

Replacement lance for Silverline Backpack Sprayer (633595)

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Key Facts
  • Replacement lance for Silverline Backpack Sprayer (633595)
  • Also compatible with some third party backpack sprayers
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The Sprayer Lance is made for use with Backpack Sprayers.

The assembly will fit the 20Ltr Silverline Sprayer and many other sprayers. It consists of a trigger, lance and nozzle assembly.

It is the ideal tool addition for gardens, garages or DIY use.

What is a knapsack sprayer?

A backpack sprayer – or knapsack sprayer – is used to treat a large area, such as a patio, lawn or flowerbed.

It has a liquid feed or treatment and is designed to be worn on a person’s back to allow for a convenient and comfortable position to be maintained during the application. It features a robust and easy to use handheld nozzle which can be adjusted from a straight jet to a fine mist. The sprayers are easy to carry and allow for easy use by simply adjusting the straps.

The treatments are held within a corrosion-proof plastic tank and can be applied via a number of methods, including manual, robust value and thumb triggers. They are highly suitable for agricultural and woodland tasks along with greenspace maintenance.

The tanks are compatible with water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers.

Silverline Tools

Silverline Tools were founded in 1978 and are one of the biggest and best-loved tool brands around.

They offer a wide range of award-winning tools.

High quality: Silverline is an ISO:9001 accreditated company. They are recognised and trusted throughout the UK and Europe. Products are quality checked to ensure that tools are delivered that comply with the latest standards in quality and safety.

Environment: With 5000 products manufactured across the UK, Europe, United States and Asia – there is a desire to look after environmental impact. The sourcing team works around the clock to combine reduced environmental costs with high-quality products.

Ethical Trading: With a compliance team of more than 50 people, every product is inspected to meet specifications and satisfaction. The compliance team is responsible for the factory audit programme that involves a comprehensive review of working conditions and ethical business practices at every factory.

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