25kg Anti-Slip Crushed Glass for Resin Bound Gravel

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Anti-Slip Crushed Glass for Resin Bound Gravel 25kg

  • Fine glass to increase the texture of resin bound gravel
  • Clear glass, suitable for gravel of all colour
  • 100m² per 25kg bag (approximately)


When laying a resin bound gravel surface, the surface is so fine and smooth that when wet or cold, the surface can become slippery or squeak when walked upon. By sprinkling a fine layer of crushed glass over the upper surface before the resin has cured, you can increase the amount of grip with minimal effect to the aesthetics of the surface.

By adding the glass, the risk of slipping is reduced which can be vital for installations around sensitive applications such as care homes, nursing homes or domestic driveways. The 25kg bag is usually adequate to cover an area of approximately 100m², is suitable for use on all colours of decorative aggregate and resins.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 300 × 450 × 800 mm