Pool Trowel 20×5″ – Resin Bound Gravel Float

£64.80 inc VAT

Rounded, Wide Pool Trowel for Resin Bound Gravel (20×5″)

  • Stainless steel design
  • Semi-flexible blade for greater control
  • Natural finish, hardwood handle
  • Aluminium handle mounting, lightweight and strong
  • Wide, long blade for superior surface coverage


One of the most important tools in the laying process of installing resin bound gravel, this wide stainless steel pool trowel is used in the final stages of laying the resin bound gravel mix. Used to manipulate and smooth the upper surface to a highly attractive finish, this resin bound float can cover a large area at once and due to its ergonomic design can be used for long periods of time with reduced strain.

Its stainless steel design improves the lifespan of the tool and remains in great condition for years of use.

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Weight 1.5 kg