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Soakaway Crates

Modern Surface Water Drainage Solution

Soakaway Crate
  • Load Capacity: 20-100 Tonnes
  • Void Ratio: Up to 95.5%
  • Storage Capacity: Up to 382 litres per crate
  • Weight: 16-30kg per crate
  • Dimension: 1000x1000x400mm

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Soakaway Crates – True or False

“It’s cheaper to use hardcore to create a soakaway”


In fact, to buy the required amount of soakaway crates to fill a 1m³ hole is comparative with the cost to fill the same hole with recycled hardcore, making soakaway crates the cheaper option once you’ve factored in time & motion and labour.

“Soakaway crates are far more efficient than the outdated hardcore-fill method”


While the traditional method of filling a trench or hole with rubble or hardcore is tried and tested, unfortunately, this is a far less efficient method of dealing with surface water drainage. Hardcore or rubble fill generally tends to have at the very most a 30% void ratio, soakaway crates have up to a 95.5% void ratio, making them over three times more efficient than their old-school counterpart.

“Rubble or hardcore soakaways are far stronger than plastic crates”


Rubble and hardcore can become compacted over time or under exceptional loads. They can also be unpredictable and could fail at any time, should a large load roll over them and part of the soakaway collapse. Also, once they have been installed, it’s impossible to inspect what’s happening under the ground, increasing the unpredictability. Soakaway crates are rated for vertical loading of 20 tonnes up to 100 tonnes and can be fitted with inspection chambers, which allow for underground inspection to be carried out easily.

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