SoRoTo 6.0M Belt Conveyor

Self-Cleaning. Durable. Time-Saving.

At six metres long, this large conveyor belt can move huge quantities of materials around on construction sites or on DIY projects. Whether it be soil, rubble, concrete blocks, gravel or other aggregates which need to be moved around on site, the SoRoTo 6.0M can achieve that over long distance and with astounding efficiency. With a belt speed of 320mm per second and able to carry 322 tons of materials per day, SoRoTo conveyors can move what you need, where you need it, when it needs to be there.

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Standard Features:

  • Standard feeder
  • Two-wheel transport undercarriage
  • PVC belt with 10mm high carriers
  • PVC sidebattens
  • Aluminium sidebattens
  • Protective motor switch & thermal circuit breaker
  • Self-adjusting safety relay plus starting and operating capacitors
  • Powerful motor of 110V/230V

Optional Extras:

  • Extra wide feeder for wheelbarrow
  • Alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or with extra tensile strength
  • Engine for extremely cold temperatures
SoRoTo Belt Conveyor Manual