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Product Spotlight: OX Tools

The Ultimate Guide to OX Tools Accessories and Tools

OX Tools was born in Australia in 1974. Over the last 50 years they have established themselves as a world leader in tool manufacture.

 They launched in the UK at the beginning of 2012. 

Hand tools in the range are regarded as tough, dynamic and dependable.

The brand boasts extremely high quality products at competitive pricing.

OX Tools

Who are OX Tools?

OX Tools are manufacturers of construction products.

The brand is recognised throughout the world for creating premium, durable and affordable products.

The high quality equipment in the range includes bricklaying tools, plastering tools, multi-purpose items, accessories and workwear.

OX Tools can be found on the PermaPave Mobile Shop. Find out more here.

The range includes:

OX Tools PermaPave Mobile Shop
OX Tools can be found on the PermaPave Mobile Resin Bound Gravel Shop

OX Tools: Trowels and Floats

There is a range of trowels to serve many purposes and functions – with many shapes and sizes available.

Pointing trowels are used during brick laying as they enable many layers of mortar to easily and smoothly be applied between bricks.

Notch trowels are ideal for tiling a wall. They allow an individual to prepare the surface with grout before applying the tiles.

Straight trowels can be used to finish a newly plastered or cemented surface.

Trowels and floats are used by contractors working with mortar, plaster, adhesives and other substrates that require a smooth and precise finish.

The OX Pro Notch Trowel is an adhesive grout trowel has a high-quality carbon steel blade, aluminium shank and duragrip handle for comfort and control. It is available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

The OX Pro Cement Finishing Trowel features a high grade, stainless steel blade with a riveted aluminium shank. The stainless steel rivets hold the blade, shank and handle together for strength and durability. It is available as 14″ or 16″.

The OX Pro Pointed Flooring Trowel is a stainless steel trowel with duragrip handle. It is available as 16″ and 18″.

The OX Pro Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel has pre-worn edges to eliminate line and ripple marks when plaster is applied. A high quality stainless steel blade is easily cleanable and long-lasting. Three sizes are stocked: 114 x 280mm; 127 x 356mm and 127 x 457mm.

 The OX Pro UltraFlex Finishing Trowel is a lightweight, ultra flexible and ultra thin plastering finishing trowel. The stainless steel blade is as little as 0.3mm and it has rounded corners, ensuring a smooth finish. 11″, 14″ and 16″ sizes are available.

The OX Pro Pool Trowel is used for leveling, spreading and finishing materials. It is stainless steel, heavy duty and features a comfortable handle – and is frequently used in plastering, screening and many other applications. Browse the OX Pro Pool Trowel.

The OX Pro Margin Trowel is an intricate detail trowel. It is constructed from high quality carbon steel it is suitable for use on resin bound gravel, screening and plastic.

The OX Pro Bucket Trowel is hugely effective at reducing waste and damage to buckets. It is effective at scraping the remaining materials from a bucket and is stainless steel with a soft grip handle. 

Find out more about trowels and floats.

OX Tools Notch Trowel
OX Pro Notch Trowel

OX Tools: Hammers and Mallets

Hammers and mallets are handheld tools intended to deliver force to an object.

The products are used in a large variety of professions. They are used to deliver accurate blows to items including a nail or spike, or metal component.

Hammer heads are almost universally steel. The hammer’s mass is concentrated at the strike zone to impact force as much as possible.

Types of hammer include: ball peen hammer, brass hammer, caw hammer, cub hammer, drilling hammer, lathe hammer, masonry hammer, maul, rock hammer, sledgehammer and upholstery hammer.

Mallet heads may be composed of rubber, wood, copper or plastic. The mass of the mallet head is distributed evenly, as mallets are intended to forge or alter the shape and appearance of materials.

The OX Pro Claw Hammer is quality made and consists from one piece of steel. The claw hammer is ideal for hammering nails whilst the craw allows the user to remove nails from objects.

The OX Trade Fibreglass Club Hammer is a high quality steel club lump hammer. This is extremely strong and weighted along a comfortable OX grip handle.

Visit hammers and mallets here.

OX Tools Hammers and Mallets
OX Pro Claw Hammer

OX Tools: Knives and Cutting

Industrial knives and cutting tools are used by businesses for a number of reasons.

Warehouse knives are strong and durable. They are useful in packaging materials, such as stretch wrap and boxes. OX Tools knives and cutting tools are built with safety in mind.

Types of knives include:

Plastic retractable knives: These are an ideal solution for use as cardboard box openers, slicing packaging tape and thick plastics.

Safety box cutter: This type of knife has numerous uses and the guarded blade makes it highly suitable for stretch wrap, polythene, plastic strapping and bubble wrap.

Metal heavy duty retractable knives: These lock the blade in position while in use and then lock the knife in housing when finished. This is a proven tool, ideal for general warehousing and to cut thicker materials.

The Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife is a professional utility knife. The ergonomic design gives comfort while the folding feature means it is both safe and convenient. It is ideal for carpet fittings, crafts and construction.

The OX Pro Heavy Duty Retractable Knife is a quick blade changing retractable knife. It features a firm grip handle and magnetic tip and can be used in a number of occupations.

The OX Trade Heavy Duty Retractable Utility Knife is heavy-duty with tough metal construction and a retractable blade. 

The OX Pro 10 Pack Heavy Duty Knife Blades and Dispenser is designed to dispense heavy duty general purpose blades that are made from SK2 steel.

Browse knives and cutting here.

OX Tools Knives and Cutting
OX Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife

OX Tools: Measuring, Marking and Levelling

Measuring, marking and levelling contributes to ensuring accuracy in a project.

Spirit levels are used for a number of domestic or commercial projects: from putting up a shelf to aligning kitchen cupboards. The spirit level features a central vial, which is almost completely filled with liquid. A single bubble of are will centre itself between two markers when it is completely level.

Tape measures enable the user to measure the distance or a size of an object. They are essentially a flexible ruer on a retractable spring mechanism for easy storage.

Permanent line marking spray is ideal for use in playing fields, car parks, warehouses, golf courses, sports halls and road markings.

The OX Pro Dual Auto Lock Tape Measure is an 8m double-sided tape measure that features imperial and metric measurements.

The OX Pro Auto Lock Tape Measure is a 5m dual doublr-sided tape measure. It has Class II accuracy.

The OX 750ML Permanent Line Marker Spray is suitable for all road marking systems. 

The OX Pro Level 1200mm is a shockproof heavy-duty spirit level. It is constructed from high-quality aluminium extrusion. The vials are highly accurate, calibrated to 0.005″.

The OX Pro Level 900mm is a shockproof heavy-duty spirit level with unique dual view. 

The OX Pro Torpedo Level 9 is a heavy-duty 230mm torpedo level. It is lightweight and features three easy to read vials. 

Click here for measuring tools from OX Tools.

OX Tools Measuring and Marking
OX Pro Dual Auto Lock Tape Measure

OX Tools: Mixing and Whisks

A paddle mixer or whisk are used to mix a range of materials quickly and with ease.

It can be used such as plaster, paint and cement. These mixers draw material through the rotating blade, creating a consistent and lump-free solution.

This section also includes industrial buckets.

The OX Pro M14 Mixing Paddle is a chrome-plated high quality steel mixing paddle. It is suitable for mixing acrylic render with grit and thick paint.

The OX Pro 25 Litre Plasterers Bucket is a heavy duty bucket that can be used for mixing plaster and other industrial needs. It is durable, ideal for tough working conditions.

The OX Pro Tough 15L Bucket is a 15 litre durable bucket with a tough plastic body, metal handle and plastic grip. The pouring lip is designed for ease of use.

Find out more about mixing and whisk tools here.

Mixing and Whisks
M14 Mixing Paddle

OX Tools: Sealing

Sealant tools are used for removing old and smoothing out new applications of silicone.

Using these tools can help to ensure a professional finish to straight joints.

The OX Pro Sealant Gun is a lightweight skeleton gun that is suitable for use over long periods.  

Browse OX Tools: Sealing tools here.

OX Tools Sealing
Pro Sealant Gun

OX Tools: Cleaning

Cleaning tools maintain a high-quality finish on any trade project. They are ideal for DIY specialists or professional installers for an easy clean and finish.

The OX Trade Tile Cleaner is a premium quality tile cleaner with a heavy duty two component handle. It features two grout emulsifying pads; black for cleaning and white for polishing.

Browse cleaning tools here.

OX Tools: Cleaning
Trade Tile Cleaner

OX Tools: Socks

Workwear socks are designed in order to ensure safety whilst providing comfort to the individual. They include heavy duty fabrics for tough wearing performance.

OX Tools socks feature thermal heat holding layers for use on the coldest days.

The OX Tough Builders Socks are recommended for STS steel top cap safety shoes and boots and are size 6-12. 

Browse OX Tools socks.

OX Tools: Socks
OX Tough Builders Socks

OX Tools: Protection and PPE

PPE protects an individual from safety risks at work. It includes clothing, helmets, glasses and footwear. This protects employees from hazards and injuries, while ensure the employer meets a duty of care.

The OX Heavy Duty Soft Gel Filled Knee Pad is designed to protect the user’s knees when working low to the ground while also ensuring comfort. The pads have been manufactured with an anti-roll over cap and sponge core for comfort and safety.

There are also Latex Flex and Nitrile Flex Gloves. Find out more below.

Browse OX Tools Protection and PPE here.

OX Tools Protection and PPE
Heavy Duty Soft Gel Filled Knee Pad

OX Tools: Gloves

Industrial gloves are used as PPE to cover and protect hands from hazards in homes and workplaces. They are constructed from high quality materials to prevent serious injuries including cuts, splinters and burns.

OX Latex Flex Glove is very lightweight with superior grip for component handling whilst being designed to reduce hand fatigue. These are perfect for use in general assembly, electronics, light engineering works, joinery, plumbing, automotive and inspection.

Size 9 and size 10 latex gloves are available.

The OX Nitrile Flex Gloves are available in size 9 and 10. These are nitrile dipped palm designed for extra abrasion resistance. They are designed for construction workers but will also be used by trade professionals, gardeners and home DIY users.

Browse gloves here.

OX Tools: Gloves
Latex Flex Gloves

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