Springtime Resin Bound Path and Patio Installation - Featured Image
Resin Bound

Springtime Resin Bound Gravel Path & Patio Installation

Project Brief: To create an attractive, low-maintenance and permeable pathway and patio Total Project Area: 85m² Path & 16m² Patio Products Used: PermaBound Springtime resin bound gravel & soroto forced action mixer About The Project In this case study, we

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Black RecoEdge Garden Edge Installation - Featured Image

RecoEdge Garden Edging Installation Case Study

Project Brief: To create an attractive, strong & durable edging system that prevents material migration for a clients garden Total Project Area: 12m Product Used: Black RecoEdge & RecoStakes When it comes to garden makeovers, people often overlook the importance

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Artificial Grass

Pros & Cons of Artificial Grass

In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the benefits and potential drawbacks of artificial grass, helping you make an informed decision for your outdoor space.

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X-Grid Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: X-Grid

We’ll be taking a closer look at X-Grid, a 100% UK recycled plastic ground reinforcement grid. Together we will discover all of X-Grid’s many benefits, its numerous applications, how it is manufactured, the installation process and some real life X-Grid case studies.

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Why households need to use SUDS compliant solutions

Why households need to use SUDs compliant solutions

Gravel Driveway Grid View X-Grid Range SUDS are environmentally friendly drainage systems Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) are a collection of simple philosophies and techniques that can help to reduce flooding. It is a water management method that is designed to

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Hollow vs Solid Composite Decking: Slate Grey Stadia Composite Decking

Solid vs Hollow Composite Decking Board

Composite Decking Boards Browse Ecodek here Which is better: hollow or solid decking board? Decking can re-energise almost any outdoor space. Perfect for entertaining visitors in your residential or commercial garden. When it comes to choosing between tried and tested solid

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