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School Sensory Garden Created Using X-Grid Gravel Path

Project Brief: Transform an underutilised outdoor space at a school into an engaging sensory garden suitable for year-round use with the addition of a gravel path

Product Used: X-Grid

The Project

Nether Green Infant School in Sheffield sought to transform a neglected grassed area into a vibrant sensory garden, providing year-round enjoyment for its pupils. To achieve this feat, the school enlisted the expertise of A Grade Driveways, a renowned local company.

The grassed area at the school remained largely unused, offering an opportunity for change. However, the challenge lay in creating a design that not only maximised the space’s potential but also catered to the sensory needs of the students. Accessibility, durability and year-round usability were all key considerations in the planning process.

A Grade and the school worked collaboratively to create the perfect solution before the team began their work.

The Installation

The project began with the excavation of the grassed area to create a blank canvas for the sensory garden.

Sleeper borders were then meticulously placed to delineate the garden’s boundaries, adding structure and visual appeal to the space. These borders not only defined the garden’s layout but also served as seating areas for children to relax and engage with their surroundings.

To ensure year-round access, an X-Grid gravel path was installed. This was selected as X-Grid provides a strong, permeable and mud-free surface which is simple for children to navigate and allows use in all weather.

The highlight of the sensory garden came in the form of unique sensor musical instruments strategically placed throughout the space. These outdoor instruments, designed to stimulate auditory senses and promote creativity, added an interactive element to the garden, encouraging children to explore sound in a natural setting.

To enhance safety and accessibility, play bark was used to create a soft, bottomed-out area, providing a comfortable surface for children to play and engage in sensory activities. Steps were also incorporated into the design, doubling as seating for children to gather and socialise.

"We completed the Sensory Garden at Nether Green Infant School this week. The project took some time due to the weather and very soft ground but we got there in the end.

The process included a new base, sleeper border, X-Grid supplied by GCL Products with Golden Flint Gravel infill.

Musical instruments were then installed, play bark laid in the bottom area and steps created to be used by kids for seating.

I’m sure the children will enjoy planting and doing a bit of gardening this summer."

The Conclusion

The completed sensory garden has enhanced the outdoor experience at the school, providing a stimulating environment that fosters sensory development, creativity and social interaction among the pupils.

The school and A Grade Driveways are delighted with the outcome of the sensory garden which is suitable for use all year round.

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"The school garden was completed this week - it’s an X-Grid sytem under loose gravel with sleepers and paving slabs to finish the edges/ steps.

Amazing outdoor instruments have been installed too which the kids are going to LOVE! Just needs the beds digging over and planting now!

Jon has been amazing to work with and super flexible around school playtimes/ access etc. Thank you!"

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