Introducing new artificial grass: quest artificial turf
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Artificial Grass: Introducing our new range

We've launched an artificial grass range

Artificial grass is the ideal solution for spaces where natural grass struggles to grow.

A single artificial grass installation can last 10 years or more. It requires very little maintenance and is suitable for use by children and pets.

In this blog post we’ll take you through why you should choose artificial grass and introduce the new artificial grass range.

Artificial Grass new range

What is artificial grass?

What is fake grass?

Artificial grass or artificial turf is a synthetic alternative to natural grass.

The beauty of fake grass is it looks as aesthetic as natural grass, but without the drawbacks, such as the maintenance costs and locations where it can flourish.

Ultimately, it can be installed anywhere you need – not only gardens and lawns, but also rooftops and indoors.

The concept of artificial grass has been around since the 1950s – and in part due to modern, fast-paced lifestyles, it is more popular today than ever!

  It consists of three materials – polyethylene, propropylene and nylon – all of which have characteristics that make this the ideal solution. Polyethylene is long-lasting but gentle on the skin; polypropylene is harsher and resilient and nylon is extremely robust and has a high burn tolerance.

It is now its third generation, and over the course of the last 70 years it is now more similar to real grass than ever before. It is UV ray resistant to maintain its colour over the long term and is tolerant to wear and tear.

The range from GCL Products is also fully recyclable after use, so is good for the environment.

How to install artificial grass

Artificial grass can be laid with ease. Simply watch the video or follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, measure the area required for the job. Grid the area in roll sizes of 2m or 4m width – as rolls are a standard size of 4x25m. When installing the grass, it should all be installed in the same direction.
  2. Remove the previous turf with a sharp spade or mechanical turf cutter.
  3.  Create a chamfered finish at the perimeters using a sharp spade. Set this at approximately 30-35mm below perimeter edging.
  4. Using a rake, level the area off to natural falls, to eradicate humps and bumps, before installing the stone base.
  5. Install a layer of 6mm-10mm dust granite stone or similar. Using a rake, level out the area to create a crowned profile. On unstable ground, a  type-1 stone base will be needed prior to installing the fine granite stone.
  6. Set and finish the perimeter heights at 15mm below the edge system. Wet down the area and compact.
  7. Install the weed membrane. It should be stretched out and fixed using nails around the perimeters and then trimmed.
  8. Unroll the grass and position. It is recommended that it runs towards the house on back gardens and the reverse on front lawns.
  9. Lay the artificial grass to fit to outer perimeters. When working around obstacles (such as trees), fold the grass back and decide the shortest route to cut. Cut between the tufts – ensuring that no blades of grass are trimmed as this will create a poor seam.
  10.  Where the grass fits too tightly around the obstacle, slice the carpet starting at the bottom of the obstacle. This releases any tension and allows the grass to lay flat. The two edges that have been cut to go around the post should come together. If this doesn’t occur, it indicates the grass will need further cutting.
  11. To join a section of grass, lay the joining tape blotting side up and nail into place.
  12. Check the alignment and then trim at the perimeter edge near the joint. This ensures that the joint is not disturbed once the artificial grass adhesive has been used.
  13. Use a mastic gun to apply a bead of adhesive just under the edge of the grass and follow this with another bead to the front edge grass. Bring the pieces together, taking care not to bury the tufts. Lightly pressure the seam to disperse the adhesive.
  14. Using galvanised nails, connect the seam at leading edges and stager down the seam. Open the pile up to ensure the nails do not bury any tufts.
  15. Trim perimeter edges and nail at the corners.
  16. In occurrences that the pile runs away from the perimeter edges, kink the carpet and brush the pile with a hand to encourage the pile runs into the edge.
  17. Once you have completed laying the artificial grass and it has been seamed and nailed, install a heavy layer of Kiln Dried Sand into the perimeters. Claw the pile open to ensure the perimeter edges are completely loaded with sand.

The premium collection

We have a wide range of aritficial turf now available.

The Artificial Grass Premium Collection features Fidelity 38mm, Fantasia 35mm, Fashion 36mm, Wisdom 40mm and Lido Plus 30mm.

Fidelity 38mm has warm olive tones. The 38mm long pile and curled base fibres give an established appearance. It is a three tone mix of light and dark green blades and a green and beige thatch.

Fantasia 35mm is a two coloured tone yarn a realistic thatch. It is vibrant and soft and the C shape yarn keeps the 35mm blades standing tall.

Fashion 36mm is a lush, green colour and features a texture reminiscent of a perfect turf lawn. It is recommended as the artificial grass of choice for gardens.

Wisdom 40mm is olive green and brown artificial grass. It is a luxury turf that is super soft, with a W shaped yarn to enhance its appearance.

Finally, Lido Plus 30mm is a two-toned C shaped artificial grass. It features natural green and olive tones and a soft, lush texture. The reinforced spine gives excellent attributes in order to create a perfect lawn look.

Fidelity Artificial Turf
Fidelity Artificial Turf
Fantasia Artificial Grass
Fantasia Artificial Turf
Fashion Artificial Turf
Fashion Artificial Turf
Wisdom Artificial Turf
Wisdom Artificial Turf
Lido Plus
Lido Plus Artificial Turf

eco-friendly air range

The Eco-friendly Air Range features the Active Air 32mm and Clarity Air 30mm.

The Active AIR Artificial Grass uses revolutionary and award-winning Pureti technology designed to tackle air pollution and sculpt a cleaner environment. The TiO2 particles in the grass are activated by light energy and trigger a chemical process that destroys airbound pollutants.

The Clarity AIR Artificial Grass reduces up to 70% of harmful NOX. The technology advancements in the product means it will remain free of pet odours, mould, moss and algae without any ongoing treatments.

Active Air Artificial Turf
Active Air Artificial Turf
Clarity Air Artificial Turf
Clarity Air Artificial Turf

Classic range

The Classic Range features Quest 30mm and Valour Plus 30mm.

Quest 30mm is a mix of warm olive, field green and beige. It is extremely flexible and the realistic lush texture makes it ideal for gardens, balconies and play areas.

Valour Plus 30mm is artificial turf suitable for regular use. The V shape blade of this grass gives it strength to stand up to all activities, and it is remarkably strong and durable to withstand people walking on it without losing its integrity.

Quest Artificial Turf
Quest Artificial Turf
Valour Plus Artificial Turf
Valour Plus Artificial Turf

Specialist range

The Specialist Range features Prime Coloured Grass, Putting Green Artificial Grass and Decking Grass.

The Prime Coloured Grass range features sevel different colour artificial grasses – ideal for kids play areas, schools and nurseries. It is capable of brightening up any area and is environmentally friendly and weather resistant.

The Putting Green is ideal for amateur and professional golfers – or can be used to liven up gardens or commercial spaces. It requires no maintenance and can stand the test of time.

The Decking Grass gives a decking appearance with all the benefits of artificial grass. It is more comfortable to walk on than traditional decking. Unlike wooden or plastic decking, it will also not wear and tear over time.

Prime Coloured Grass
Prime Coloured Grass
Putting Green Artificial Grass
Putting Green Artificial Grass
Decking Grass
Decking Grass

Find out more information about artificial grass

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The range of artificial grass is available at our new store on Sheepbridge Lane, Chesterfield, S41 9RX.

Opening hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-4pm.

To find out more information on any of the products in our range, give our helpful and friendly customer service team a call on 01246 418144.

Alternatively, contact us via webchat or email us here.

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