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X-Grid Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: X-Grid

We’ll be taking a closer look at X-Grid, a 100% UK recycled plastic ground reinforcement grid. Together we will discover all of X-Grid’s many benefits, its numerous applications, how it is manufactured, the installation process and some real life X-Grid case studies.

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Using Accelerator or Catalyst in Resin Bound Gravel

There’s no escaping the fact that resin bound gravel installation is a seasonal job. With polyurethane binders being sensitive to temperature and moisture, it’s almost inevitable that in the UK from around the end of September, the number of good

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Benefits of using pathway mats for golf courses
Rubber Grass Mats

Benefits of using pathway mats on golf courses

the advantages of using golf path matting Golf pathways are essential for golf courses as they facilitate movement around the course, for both the golfer and the golf cart. Using certain materials golf pathways can become waterlogged and muddy during

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Essential tips for professional plasterers and DIY enthusiasts
Forced Action Mixer

Top 20 Plastering Tips for DIYers and Professionals

20 Plastering tips As a plaster industry specialist, we are determined to make life easy for plasterers. Following on from our comprehensive guide to machinery for plastering, this blog post will advise on the tools and techniques to aid the

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SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer Close Up
Forced Action Mixer

Forced Action Mixer Hire Is Now Available

SoRoTo Mixer Hire via GCL Products Forced action mixers are incredibly versatile machines for use in a wide range of industries. Our mixers are ideal for resin bound gravel installers, plasterers, screed, concrete, mortar and much more; a pan mixer is

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Mixing Wet Pour Surfacing Guide

A Guide To Mixers For Wet Pour Surfacing

About wet pour rubber Wet pour rubber is an attractive, impact absorbing and low maintenance rubber crumb safety surface, ideal for use in a wide range of play applications. This two-layered system is created using an SBR sub-base topped with

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