X-Grid has a 428 tonnes load bearing capacity

What a gravel grid strength of 428 tonnes means for you

X-Grid is the ultimate ground reinforcement grid

X-Grid is our very own gravel grid, designed and manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

It is unique as it has a load capacity of up to 428 tonnes per square metre meaning it can withstand the weight of almost anything you might find on gravel roads to gardens.

At the same time it is extremely lightweight, weighing just over 5kg per square metre it is easy to handle and lay.

This blog post takes a look at what a gravel grid strength of 428 tonnes means for you.

X-Grid is a popular solution for domestic driveways
X-Grid is most commonly found on gravel driveways.

What is X-Grid?

X-Grid is our best-selling product for a number of reasons. It is permeable, porous, SUDs compliant and abides by all water management laws and regulations.

It is also exceptionally strong and will therefore protect and reinforce the ground whilst encouraging natural drainage.

X-Grid Product Spotlight
It is available in black, white or green.

What is the weight load of X-Grid?

The load bearing capacity of X-Grid is 428 tonnes per m2 when unfilled.

It has a maximum carry load of 30 tonnes (axle load).

Made in Britain award winner X-Grid is a popular product for school car parks
It is a popular solution for car parks and holiday parks.

What does 428 tonnes load capacity hold?

X-Grid can protect any surface from the heaviest of vehicles. It is used at this holiday park to withstand both vehicle weight and heavy foot traffic.

Park Avenue Holiday Village told us:

“After allowing the grass seed to grow, Park Avenue Holiday Village had a much more complete access route network, allowing their visitors and holiday makers to arrive at their holiday homes and unload their vehicles at the side of their home.

“In a stark contrast to previous years, these grassed roads now do not rut or become muddy and once the grass has matured, the X-Grid is almost invisible while still providing a solid and stable surface for many years to come. The grass can be mowed over without any hinderance, allowing access for ride-on lawnmowers to maintain the access routes much more quickly and effectively.”

Read more X-Grid case studies here.

Park Avenue Holiday Village Grass Road
The 428 tonne capacity makes it ideal to withstand vehicles at Park Avenue Holiday Village.

What are vehicle weights?


(a) If the driving axle, if is not a steering axle, has twin tyres and road friendly suspension, or each driving axle is filled with twin tyres and the maximum weight for each axle does not exceed 8.55 tonnes.

(b) Distance between the rear axle of the motor vehicle and the front axle of the trailer is not less than 3 metres.

(c) If the vehicle is being used for combined transport.

(d) 5 axles of more artic and the 5 axles or more drawbar could alternatively habe a 3 axle motor vehicle and a 2 axle trailer.

(e) Conditions:

– Each vehicle must have at least 3 axles.
– Drive axle has twin tyre and road friendly suspension and maximum of 10.5 tonnes, or each driving axle is fitted with twin tyres and has a maximum of 8.5 tonnes.
– Trailer has road friendly suspension

(f) Conditions for operation on 5 axles

– Must have 3 axles on tractor unit
– Single container 40ft in length conforming to standards laid down by the International Standards Organisation being carried on.
– Vehicle being used for international journey.

(g) Powered by a low pollution engine.



X-Grid is Made In Britain accredited. Find out more here.

To find out more information call our helpful and friendly customer service team on 01246 418144, contact us on webchat or email us here.

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