Spare Parts

SoRoTo mixer spare parts
Forced Action Mixer

The ultimate guide to forced action mixer spare parts

Mixers built for long-life SoRoTo forced action mixers are built to be long lasting and to withstand a rough and tough life on construction sites and being transported around almost daily. The mixers do not break often, but when they

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With & Without A Dust Eliminator
Forced Action Mixer

Why a dust controller is good for health

Dust controllers reduce emittance by 80% The innovative dust controller helps to reduce dust on site, keep sites cleaner and workers healthier. It is used as an attachment on SoRoTo forced action mixers. The controller is proven to reduce dust

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SoRoTo Mixer Paddles

How to change paddles on a Forced Action Mixer

The ultimate guide to changing SoRoTo 200L forced action mixer paddles Quick paddle removal is one of the key benefits of the SoRoTo forced action mixers. There may be a number of reasons that the paddle needs changing. This includes

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