Forced action mixer hire is now available
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Forced action mixer hire is now available

SoRoTo pan mixers can be loaned using the GCL Products website

Forced action mixers hire is highly useful in many industries.

Ideal for resin bound gravel installers, plasterers, screed, concrete, mortar and much more; a pan mixer is indispensable to many professions.

Our new mixer hire scheme means that a forced action mixer can be borrowed for the length of the project, and then given back to use. This saves storage and equipment costs.

Hire a forced action mixer here.

SoRoTo 100L
The SoRoTo 100L is now available to rent.

SoRoTo forced action mixers

SoRoTo was established in 1986 and is a leading manufacturer of forced action mixers and belt conveyors.

SoRoTo is the original forced action mixer. The original machines were constructed by bricklayer Benny Andersen as they needed a practical machine for indoor tiling, flooring, concrete renovation and regular masonry.

Thus, the mixers in the range are handy: easy to take upstairs, through doors and powered by regular domestic output.

Forced Action Mixers easy to transport
Portable SoRoTo mixers are made to be moved by one person and can be easily loaded into vehicles.

Why choose a SoRoTo pan mixer?

SoRoTo pan mixers today are the ultimate mixers for commercial projects. These professional mixers are ideal for mixing a huge range of materials: epoxies, resins, screeds, polymer, plastics, plaster, sealants, paints and adhesives quickly and easily.

These mixers provide a much faster, more effective and convenient solution than mixing by hand. The robust paddles will mix the contents of the pan to the perfect consistency in a matter of minutes. This saves time and allows members of the team to get on with another part of the job.

The mixers are built to withstand the harshest conditions and are portable, ensuring they can be taken to the job.


Types of portable mixer
SoRoTo pan mixers are built for harsh conditions and the 100L mixer is large enough for a standard 4 bag of resin bound gravel

Mixer to hire

We’re often asked “Can you hire a forced action mixer?” by many of our customers.

 Resin mixer hire means that a mixer and its accessories can be loaned for the length of a project. This allows professionals to avoid making a sizeable investment and having to consider storage – instead it can be rented and given back to us when the project is finished.

It is available to any customer who purchased washed and dried gravels and resins for resin bound projects. 

Soroto 100L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer

What is included?

The pan mixer hire includes:

SoRoTo 100L: The 100L is our best-selling forced action mixer. It is able to mix up to 240kg of materials and is able to hold an industry-standard 4 bag mix – making it ideal for resin bound installers. It is light and narrow enough to fit through standard doorways. It can be taken right where it is needed, instead of having to down tools to carry small buckets or wheelbarrows of mixed materials back to where the installer is working.

3KVA Tool Transformer: The Tool Transformer is perfectly suited to being used with SoRoTo forced action mixers. Site transformers are most commonly used on larger sites when many trades are working side-by-side on separate elements of a job. It is made from extra-rugged GRP to withstand harsh conditions and is IP44 rated and splashproof.

230v Extension Lead: The extension lead is perfect for use with forced action mixers and other appliances that can be connected directly from mains electrical output. It means professionals have access to a power source whilst working away from mains power. It is tested to UK safety standards.

1220w Paddle Mixer: This handheld electric mixer is designed for regular use. It can be used in conjunction with a pan mixer when working with resin bound gravel and combined with the GA120 whisk it is perfect for combining Part A and Part B resin binders. It is robust and durable, designed to create a smooth and consistent mix.

3kVA Portable Tool Transformer
3kVA Portable Tool Transformer
1220w Paddle Mixer
1220w Paddle Mixer

How it works

The forced action mixer and accessories are available at a cost of £200+VAT.

It is eligible for any customer who has ordered washed and dried aggregates and resins for a resin bound project from GCL Products.

Step 1: The customer pays for the full cost of equipment (£1660+VAT) on their order for gravels and resins.

Step 2: The forced action mixer is loaned to the customer and shipped with gravels and resins.

Step 3: The customer uses the mixer and other equipment on their project.

Step 4: The customer cleans the mixer after final use and returns it (at the customers’ cost) to GCL. 

Step 5: GCL Products review the equipment and a credit is provided to the customer.

The 100L hire and accessories are available to anyone who has ordered aggregates and resins.

Hire a mixer here

To find out more – including to view our cleaning guide – and to hire a mixer click here.

For more information call our helpful and friendly team on 01246 418144 or email us here.

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