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SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers Available On 0% Finance

Don’t worry about cash flow with our interest-free credit on our range of SoRoTo forced action mixers. With an easy application process and fast shipping time, you can get the equipment your business deserves to provide a high-quality finish to a project. As the UK’s only SoRoTo distributor, our credit provider ensures you can choose a plan that best suits your needs without hidden fees or charges as well as early repayments without the penalty.

With & Without A Dust Eliminator
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Reducing Harmful Dust Made Simple With SoRoTo Dust Controllers

SoRoTo dust eliminators or controllers are used as an attachment and are compatible with all┬áSoRoTo forced action mixers. The eliminators are proven to reduce dust emittance by up to 80% and in turn lessen the chances of harmful materials being breathed in whilst mixing together dry materials. In this article we will look at how […]