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SoRoTo mixers: The original, the best

SoRoTo forced action mixers for hire are the ultimate mixers for commercial projects. These professional mixers are ideal pieces of equipment for mixing epoxies, resins, screeds, polymer, plastics, plaster, sealants, paints and adhesives quickly and easily.  Created by Benny Andersen in 1983 to answer a growing demand for an indoor mixer; one that was easy to take up-stairs and through doors.

These mixers provide a much faster, more effective and convenient solution than mixing by hand. Simply set the machine up, put the materials required in a bucket and turn the unit on and the robust paddles will mix the contents to the perfect consistency – allowing you to get on with another part of the job.

The forced action mixer range is comprehensive and spans from the super-portable 40L machine, which weighs just 64kg and can mix over 90kg of material in one pan in a matter of minutes, to the mammoth 300L forced action mixer which can produce up to 700kg of material and can be used for large scale commercial mixing.

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Loan of forced action mixer and accessories

How to hire a forced action mixer

The forced action mixer and its accessories are available to loan for the length of the project. Meaning instead of making a sizeable investment and having to consider storage, the mixer can be rented and be given back to us when the project is finished.

The hire mixer is available to customers that purchase washed and dried gravels and resins for resin bound projects.


What equipment is included in the loan?

The 100L is our best-selling forced action mixer with a 100l and 234kg mixing capacity. It is built for portability and is lightweight. Holds a standard 4 bag resin mix.

The Tool Transformer ensures that the appliances can be effectively powered on both construction sites and domestic sites. Ideal for forced action mixers.

The 230v Extension Cable is sourced for use with forced action mixers and other appliances to connect them directly to a mains electrical output.

The Paddle Mixer is designed for use when working with forced action mixers whilst working with resin bound gravel. Also ideal for mixing plaster, concrete and more.

How it works

The forced action mixer and accessories (equipment) are available to loan at a cost of £200+VAT.

It is eligible for any customer who has purchased washed and dried aggregates and resins for a resin bound project.

Step 1: The customer pays for the full cost of equipment (£1660+VAT) on their order for gravels and resins.

Step 2: The forced action mixer is loaned to the customer and shipped with gravels and resins.

Step 3: The customer uses the mixer and other equipment on their project.

Step 4: The customer cleans the mixer after final use and returns it (at the customers’ cost) to GCL Products. Videos for how to and how not to clean a mixer are available below.

Step 5: GCL will review the returned equipment for the condition of the mixer. A credit will then be provided to the customer:

Credit = £1660  – the loan fee (£200) –  any additional costs incurred (through non-cleaning or non-return of equipment)


How to clean a forced action mixer

cleaning instructions

The mixer should be cleaned after resin bound mixes to ensure that any excess resin doesn’t stick to the mixer. Cleaning the mixer ensures it is kept in high quality condition, to ensure maximum efficiency. It can also ensure that the mixer is long lasting.

Step-by-step guide to cleaning a forced action mixer

A forced action mixer can be cleaned in ten simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure the discharge chute is free.

Step 2: Start the machine and add 1-2 bags of dried, plain aggregate, allowing the gravel to agitate the inside of the pan.

Step 3: Add white spirit or xylene to the dry aggregate with the mixer still in operation in order to help remove excess resin.

Step 4: Release the mixed aggregate into a suitable vessel such as a wheelbarrow or bucket and carefully dispose of the soiled aggregate.

Step 5: Take out the mixer head and paddles and clean separately.

Step 6: Brush out leftover gravel with a wire brush.

Step 7: Clean the pan using white spirit or xylene and a wire brush.

Step 8: If cured resin is persistent, a heat source such as a hot-air gun or a blowtorch can be used with a wallpaper scraper. Care must be taken not to apply direct heat to one area as this may cause non-metallic parts such as wiring insulation and plastic to melt.

Step 9: Replace the mixer head.

Step 10: Clean the outside of the mixer.


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