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Forced action mixer hire

Hire a mixer for your resin bound project

Its As Easy As...

Order your gravel & resin binder from us for an upcoming project and choose to hire a SoRoTo forced action mixer at the same time. 

Once paid for, the forced action mixer and other equipment is then loaned to you and shipped along with the ordered gravels and resins.


Install your resin bound gravel job using the SoRoTo forced action mixer and other equipment. 

Be sure to clean the mixer and equipment as you go before thoroughly cleaning everything once you have completed the project. 


Return the forced action mixer and equipment to us in Chesterfield at your cost. 

We will then review the returned equipment before crediting you the deposit minus any additional costs that can be incurred due to non-cleaning or non-return of equipment.

What equipment is included?

  • Fits a 4-bag resin bound mix
  • 100v site-safe voltage
  • High-performance mix
  • Heavy-duty, durable, reliable and quiet
  • Needed to convert 230v mains to 110v site voltage
  • Suitable for continuous use at 3kW
  • 2x 16a outlet sockets
  • For connecting a mixer to a transformer
  • Heavy-duty copper wire core
  • Can be connected in series to achieve longer distances
  • Used to mix 2-part resin material before gravel mix
  • 230v 3-pin UK plug fitted
  • Variable speed mixing function

Mixer hire Costs

Our SoRoTo forced action mixer and accessories (equipment) are available to loan at a cost of £200+VAT per week. To be eligible to hire a mixer, you must also purchase washed and dried aggregates and resin binders for a resin bound project from GCL Products.

To ensure the return and correct treatment of our forced action mixers, customers pay for the full cost of equipment which is £1660+VAT. Upon the return of the mixer and equipment, clean and in full working order, the £1660+VAT will be credited minus the hire cost (minimum £200+VAT).

Mixer Hire FAQs

You can hire a SoRoTo forced action mixer for as long as you want! The minimum hire term is one week and hiring costs £200+VAT per week. 

Our SoRoTo mixers are incredibly versatile and can be used to mix a wide range of materials.  This includes resin bound gravel, concrete, cement, sand & cement, plaster, mortar, lime mortar & more.

Yes! If you wish to purchase your hired SoRoTo forced action mixer instead of returning it, please contact us and we can organise this for you! As you have paid for the full value of the mixer already with your hire, this will not cost you more.

Yes you can! Organise with us a day and time to collect your hire mixer from us in Chesterfield. Once you are finished with your hire, you can drop it back off or you will need to organise the return of the mixer to us.

Yes it can! We can organise for a mixer to be delivered via pallet delivery to anywhere in the UK. Once you are finished with your hire, you will need to organise the return of the mixer to us. Be sure to keep the original pallet if you don’t have any!

Once you have finished with your SoRoTo forced action mixer and have correctly cleaned it you can return it. You can either return it to us in Chesterfield yourself or put the clean mixer on a pallet and organise to have the mixer delivered back to us at your cost. Our address is GCL Products, Sheepbridge Lane, Chesterfield, S41 9RX.

We will refund your deposit (£1660+VAT minus the hire cost – minimum of £200+VAT) once we have received your hire mixer back to our warehouse and one of our engineers has checked over the mixer to ensure it is clean and in full working order. If the mixer is not clean or does not work upon its return, additional costs will be incurred and removed from your deposit.

A forced action mixer can be cleaned in ten simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure the discharge chute is free.

Step 2: Start the machine and add 1-2 bags of dried, plain aggregate, allowing the gravel to agitate the inside of the pan.

Step 3: Add white spirit or xylene to the dry aggregate with the mixer still in operation in order to help remove excess resin.

Step 4: Release the mixed aggregate into a suitable vessel such as a wheelbarrow or bucket and carefully dispose of the soiled aggregate.

Step 5: Take out the mixer head and paddles and clean separately.

Step 6: Brush out leftover gravel with a wire brush.

Step 7: Clean the pan using white spirit or xylene and a wire brush.

Step 8: If cured resin is persistent, a heat source such as a hot-air gun or a blowtorch can be used with a wallpaper scraper. Care must be taken not to apply direct heat to one area as this may cause non-metallic parts such as wiring insulation and plastic to melt.

Step 9: Replace the mixer head.

Step 10: Clean the outside of the mixer.

Click here if you would like to watch a video on How To Clean a SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer.

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