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Strong, discreet and effective fully recycled grass reinforcement meshes

Here at GCL Products we source the best quality grass reinforcement meshes on the market for our customers. Manufactured from a specialist 100% recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene), each roll of grass reinforcement mesh is strong, durable, easy to install, SuDS compliant, versatile, discreet, weather and UV resistant. We have two grass reinforcement meshes available which are ideal for a number of different applications due to their varying strength and durability which is why we have been able to supply them to very different users including sports centres, stately homes and even golf courses. This range of reinforcement meshes are able to withstand from pedestrian and animal traffic all the way up to truck, lorry and HGV traffic making this range suitable for use on almost any project. Meshes are ultimately used to help spread and reduce the pressure on the soil below which in turn protects the root of grass, prevents erosion and encourages natural growth. As each mesh also has an open structure, water can drain away naturally making it SuDs compliant and once the grass below has grown as normal, the mesh becomes almost invisible under your healthy lawn making it both effective and discreet. Learn more about each product below:

TurfMesh – Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic Grass Reinforcement Mesh

TurfMesh is a heavy duty grass reinforcement product used in a wide range of grassed projects where a strong and easy to use solution is needed. Our grass reinforcement mesh is available in three different grades or thicknesses; light, medium and heavy duty which are all strong, long lasting, wheelchair friendly and capable of withstanding the weight of some vehicle and all pedestrian traffic. However, our thicker mesh is the strongest and is used for projects where larger amounts of traffic or heavier vehicles (Trucks and HGVs) will need to be supported.

Thanks to its many benefits, TurfMesh is the ideal surfacing product for a wide range of projects including car parks, access routes, paths & walkaways. If installed correctly, the grass below will be protected and able to continue growing naturally which will lead to the mesh becoming almost invisible once your turf has grown to a certain length. You will be please to know that you can also treat your turfed area exactly as you did before, you will be able to mow, weed and feed the area as though the mesh isn’t even there! The open cell design of TurfMesh also means you will have a SuDs compliant, fast draining surface which will allow water to drain naturally away and help reduce the chances of localised flooding by reducing the stress on modern and often overwhelmed drainage routes and waterways. You can learn more about our long lasting, non-slip and permeable grass reinforcement meshes on the product page or by reading our TurfMesh specification.

Ground Protection Mats – A Heavier Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Ground reinforcement mats are our heavy duty meshes which are used on both temporary and permanent projects to protect and reinforce the root of grassed areas from vehicles as large as 20 tonnes. A sustainable form of grass reinforcement, this mesh is designed to withstand harsh conditions for long periods of time. To prolong their serviceable life even further, our ground protection mats are resistant to heat, frost and chemicals and have also been UV stabilised. These benefits mean our ground reinforcement mats are suitable for a use on a range of projects including but not limited to driveways, gateways, overflow car parks, temporary access routes and even golf courses. Learn more about this strong, durable and permeable heavy duty grass reinforcement product by viewing the product page.

For more information on our range of grass reinforcement meshes or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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