Plastic Decking Boards, Subframes and Fixings

A range of plastic composite decking boards, subframe products and fixings which combine to create the perfect garden or outdoor space

Signature AT Decking Board Slate Grey

Solid eco-consciously
recycled plastic boards:
ideal for garden decking

The Ecodek range of composite decking products has been manufactured in Wrexham since 2004 and is one of the best known and respected decking brands available on the UK market.

Manufacturing their own wood polymer composite decking boards, subframe components and fixings, EcoDek’s ethos is to continually improve their range of products and to sustain their high levels of quality and service.

A proud British manufacturer, they are the only composite decking producer who have been awarded the “Made In Britain” accreditation, as well as offering a minimum 25 year warranty with all their products.

All the benefits of plastic
All the looks of wood

Made to last, Ecodek products are manufactured from the very latest in wood plastic composite (WPC) to offer a product which looks fantastic, all year round and lasts a lifetime

Practically eliminating the need to maintain a decked area, wood plastic composite decking will look fantastic all year round without needing to be sanded, painted or stained, unlike traditional timber decking.

Ecodek Signature AT Range

The Ecodek range of WPC decking boards and aluminium decking boards, manufactured from a minimum of 95% recycled materials

Pebble Grey
Slate Grey
Dark Brown
Light Brown

Standard Decking Board Comparison

Decking board frequently asked questions

WPC stands  for wood polymer composite and is essentially a mixture of wood fibre, recycled plastic material and bonding agents which are heated together, formed into the different boards and then cooled.

This gives a durable decking board which looks like tradtional wood but gives the benefits and convenience of a plastic product.

Hollow boards are undoubtably cheaper to purchase in the short term (as of course there’s much less to them) but they also are not as durable due to the same reason.

Solid boards are much more resilient and all Ecodek boards come with a minimum 25 year warranty for all residential applications.

It depends on what type of product you’re looking at. If you are considering a solid WPC decking board, it will have a much longer lifespan than a hollow decking board.

All Ecodek products are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years on residential installations.

Please visit the downloads tab on the product you are interested in where you will find a downloadable installation guide.

The Signature and Heritage ranges are incredibly resilient and strong, so would be incredibly difficult to damage under normal use.

If boards get marked or damaged by garden furniture or simimlar the marks can be blended and softened by rubbing a walnut over the affected area.

After building a wood plastic composite deck, the easiest way of cleaning is to use a hosepipe and a decking cleaner solution every so often, usually only needed for stubborn dirt. For light soiling, just use a soft brush or sponge with warm soapy water.

Do not use any hard brushes, scourers or abrasives as this will likely leave marks.

Decking is only ever as good as what's beneath it

To complement the excellent range of decking boards, Ecodek have developed a range of decking support beams and pedestals to ensure that you’ve got the right subframe to suit your perfect decking.

Designed with two options; low profile or super-stiff, both have been developed to protect the durability and integrity of your decking installation, keeping the boards safe from the surrounding elements.

Low profile is ideal for installation where a lower threshold is required, but can be used anywhere, the low profile support beans are brilliant where the base area is damp.

Super stiff are (unsurprisingly) more rigid than the low profile range and can also be used pretty much anywhere, helping to lift the deck a little further from the ground than the low profile equivalent. This range can also be used to create street furniture like benches or planters!

Decking Subframes & Support Systems

We offer a complementary range of support beams and decking pedestals

Super Stiff Support Beam

Ideal for installation in conjunction with pedestals or packers, the super stiff support beams create a solid sub-frame to build your perfect decking around.

Dimensions: 38 x 88mm
Lengths: 3.6m or 4.8m
Weight: 3.68kg/m (linear)
Colours: 5 options

Low Profile Support Beam

Best suited for installations where a lower threshold is to be met (to a minimum of 80mm void space below the deck). Perfect for areas which are damp or exposed.

Dimensions: 40 x 48mm
Lengths: 3.6m or 4.8m
Weight: 2.11kg/m (linear)
Colour: Black

Other Decking Components

Including decking balustrates and gates, screws, clips and fixings and pedestals & packers to assist with installation

Ecodek Material Calculator

This calculator is offered for guidance only and is given without warranty or assurance as to its accuracy. Estimations given here should be verified by a suitably qualified professional and we cannot be held responsible for any overage or underage resulting from its use. It is good practice to over-order by a small amount.