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Recycled Plastic Garden & Landscaping Products

RecoPlas garden products improve the aesthetics and practicality of a garden and outdoor spaces, while being made from eco-friendly materials, the range ensures a positive environmental impact too. The range features decking products, drainage products, garden edging, plastic post profiles, plyboard alternative and more.

We supply the following products:

Plastic Edging

GCL Products stock a plastic lawn edging products, designed to separate two landscaped areas. The lawn edging is available as a plank or roll and is available in a choice of colours. RecoStake are lawn edging stakes that work with RecoEdge to secure new plastic edging.

Hollow Profiles

RecoPlanc and RecoPost are hollow plastic profiles for creating log stores, fencing and raised beds. It is both an aesthetically pleasing and practical garden solution. The hollow construction requires less plastic so it is better for the environment, while also reducing customer costs.

Soakaway Crates

RecoCrate are recycled plastic crates for soakaways, attenuation and storm water management. The crates are long-lasting and eco-friendly and are ideal for car parks, driveways and gardens. The drainage crates are lightweight modular cells with a high void ratio. Used alongside GeoTextile Membranes, it can be used to collect and store water in the ground to be used in the event of drought, or it can collect water from saturated ground and release it slowly back into the soil to reduce the risk of flooding significantly.

Plastic Channel Drain

RecoDrain is an innovative, strong, modular, easy to install and long lasting channel drainage solution. It is easy to install and helps to reduce surface water and increases prevention of flooding. A drainage channel is designed to prevent water surface build up. Thy are low maintenance and are designed to redirect water away to mains or an off-grid underground drainage system.

Plastic Decking Boards

RecoDeck are fully recycled plastic decking boards. These are strong, environmentally friendly and weather resistant making it the perfect product for almost any project where a wooden decking board. It is available in three colours and is ideal for creating decking, balconies, terraces and walkways.

Plastic Lumber

The range of plastic lumbers which have been manufactured from recycled non-degradable plastic waste and moulded into a range of board sizes to create planks, joists and battens. It is available in brown, grey and black, each lumber length supplied is strong, versatile, workable like wood, long-lasting, maintenance-free and UV resistant. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. The variety of applications include being used as facing boards such as fascia, sub-frames, sleepers and furniture.

Plastic Tongue and Groove Board

Plastic tongue and groove board is fully recycled plastic board – a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional hard or softwood boards. The tight fitting connection between the tongue and groove means that these plastic planks create a textured yet continuous surface which prevents the ingess of water and dirt.

Plastic Plyboard Alternative

RecoPly can be used an alternative to traditional wooden plyboard. It is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is strong, environmentally friendly, maintenance free, rot and weather resistant. It can be used to create outdoor constructions such as furniture, plastic apiaries, hoardings, animal enclosures and used in and around sporting arenas.

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