Rubber Mulch

Safe, Vibrant, Effective and Cost Effective Rubber Bark Surfaces

Rubber bark is a safe, slip resistant, wheelchair friendly, natural looking and fully permeable surface commonly used in playgrounds, play areas, parks and other recreational areas to create a protective flooring with a good critical fall height. Rubber bark is created from recycled tyres before being covered in durable PU coating to create a bark like appearance. Bark effect rubber flooring is created by mixing together rubber bark and a specially formulated, unpigmented resin binder in a forced action mixer before being laid and levelled out in the required area. You will be creating a soft, freeze and compact resistant surface with a good critical fall height (dependent on install depth) which is a more affordable option compared to wet pour rubber and more durable with less shrinkage and maintenance required than loosely filled mulch.


Rubber bark is a quickly installed product which produces minimal disruption to existing ground and site as it can be installed on to almost any level surface. Little to no ground preparation or sub-base is usually required when installing mulch saving you both time and money. With just the current ground being excavated and levelled to a certain depth dependent on the customers critical fall height requirements and the use of a woven membrane to prevent weed growth. The little ground preparation is thanks to the mulches great drainage properties, however in slow drainage areas some ground work may be required to help prevent water build up. Perimeter edges are not always required either, if installing onto soil or grass you can dig down to a specific depth and fill up to meet the current height of the surrounding surface to ensure there are no edges which can be tripped over or prevent wheelchair access. Once installed, the area should set after 24 hours but should not be used until at least 72 hours have passed.

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