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Rubber Mulch

A wide range of safe, vibrant & effective rubber bark and resin binders

All the benefits of rubber
All the look of bark

Rubber bark is a safe, slip resistant, wheelchair friendly, vibrant and fully permeable surfacing solution commonly used in and around playgrounds, play areas, parks and other recreational areas to create a protective flooring with a great critical fall height rating.

Crafted from entirely recycled tyres and covered using a bright durable PU coating to create vibrant bark like pieces of rubber ready for use as a safety surfacing solution. 

This rubber flooring is created by mixing together rubber bark and a specially formulated, unpigmented resin binder in a forced action mixer before being laid and levelled out in the required area. This method provides you with a strong, durable, soft, freeze and compact resistant surface with a good critical fall height (dependent on install depth). Mulch is also a more affordable option compared to wet pour rubber and is more durable with less shrinkage and maintenance required than loosely filled mulch.

Rubber Mulch Colours

Product Features

Safety Surfacing Solution

Mulch is perfect for use as safety flooring around playgrounds, play areas, parks and other recreational areas.

Vibrant Colours

Available in a wide range of beautiful colours to ensure you are able to choose the perfect appearance for any project.

Permeable Surface

Mulch will allow any rain and other surface water to drain naturally away into the ground below.

Low Maintenance

Mulch requires appropriate shoes to be worn plus some simple cleaning & weeding to prevent accelerated wearing.


Crafted from recycled tyres, our mulch removes rubber waste from landfills & can be recycled at the end of its working life.

Compact Resistant

Once installed and in use, our mulch will not be compacted down and potentially reduce the surface height.

Weather Resistant

Due to being crafted from recycled tyres, mulch does not rot and can withstand freezing temperatures.

Wheelchair Friendly

Mulch can be used as a wheelchair friendly surfacing solution for a wide range of applications.


Due to the unique manufacture and specialist coating, this mulch is non-toxic and won't affect surrounding areas.

Rubber Mulch frequently asked questions

Our unique rubber bark is manufactured from entirely recycled rubber before having a durable coloured coating applied.

Rubber bark will outperform wood bark every time.

It has the ability to last longer and unlike wood, does not need replacing every year as rubber can last for decades.

Rubber requires little maintenance too as it will not rot or decompose and when mixed with a resin binder will not be blown away.

Yes, our mulch is crafted from rubber and is perfectly safe which is why it is used as flooring in and around playgrounds and play areas where children have fun.

Thanks to being manufactured from entirely rubber and when following the recommended installation method, our mulch carries a superb critical fall height rating.

Our mulch is a versatile rubber surfacing solution ideal for a wide range of applications including; playgrounds, play areas, parks plus many more leisure and recreational areas.

Yes, once installed our mulch allows rain and any other potential surface water to drain naturally away into the ground below.

Yes, with our rubber bark surfaces, wheelchairs and bikes can be easily wheeled onto, over and off!

Once your mulch has been laid and troweled, the area should set after 24 hours but it should not be used until at least 72 hours have passed.

Our mulch is naturally weed-resistant and dramatically reduces the chances of weed growth. Adding a landscape membrane – weed membrane – to your project will provide peace of mind.

When installed correctly, used as advised and well maintained, our mulch can last for up to 20 years before being recycled at the end of its working life.

Yes! You can order rubber mulch samples here. There are currently 7 colours available.

Rubber mulch installation

To ensure your rubber bark installation goes as smoothly as possible and you have a high-quality finished surface, follow our installation guide which walks you through the steps needed to lay our mulch.

  1. To begin your installation, you must prepare the ground if this is needed. Ensure that your area has been excavated to the correct depth and levelled.

  2. Optional: Prepare an edging system to prevent your mulch from being installed out of its bounds. If you are installing onto soil or grass you instead can dig down and fill the area to meet the current height of the surrounding surface and no edges will be required.

  3. Once the area has been excavated and levelled, lay a woven membrane over the entire area to prevent weed growth.

  4. Add your bags of mulch into your forced action mixer before adding your binder and mixing the two for between 4 and 6 minutes to ensure all of the material has been suitably covered.

  5. Transfer your now mixed material into a wheelbarrow before pouring into the required area and begin to spread using hand trowels with downward pressure. Be sure to regularly wipe clean all tools to keep them clean. Once roughly spread out, apply your trowel again to create a smooth top surface.

  6. Once installed, the area should cure after 24 hours but should not be used until at least 72 hours have passed.

Other Mulch Components

Including resin binders, forced action mixers and trowels, all of which are perfect for assisting with your installation