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Durable, Strong, SuDs compliant and Easy To Install Installations Created Using A Gravel Grid

We stock a range of permeable and durable recycled plastic gravel grids, which have been manufactured from recycled materials. Each product we hold in stock and supply is versatile and can be used on a wide range of applications including car parks, driveways, access routes, golf courses, paths, walkways, camp sites, equestrian areas, agricultural areas and more. The strength of each gravel grid we supply is enough to support the weight of at least cars and vans but the best product in the range is our own X-Grid which has been tested and is able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre when unfilled! As well as their strength, using ground reinforcement grids also gives you a number of other benefits that other paving products cannot including being permeable. Permeability means that any rain or water which falls onto your installation area is able to naturally drain away through the products open structures and into the ground below. This permeability helps to prevent surface water build up on and around your project and also aids in take pressure off of modern drainage routes which are regularly overwhelmed and leads to flooding. If installed correctly onto a good sub-base as advised in our installation guide, our cost-effective paving products help provide you with a low maintenance, strong, migration free, porous, weather resistant and long lasting reinforced area.

X-Grid – 100% Recycled Plastic Gravel Grid

X-Grid is our very own long lasting and durable plastic gravel grid manufactured in the UK from 100% plastic waste. Its unique design and formulation gives each panel unrivaled benefits such as being able to withstand up to 428 tonnes per sqm unfilled, being chemical, weather and UV resistant to ensure it will not rot away or break down over time – giving X-Grid a working life of up to 25 years. The specialist open structure of X-Grid means each panel is strong, reduces gravel migration and is SuDS compliant which allows water to freely flow and maintain natural drainage routes. As well as these benefits, X-Grid is also incredibly easy to install thanks to its slot and peg connection system and lightweight frame, when independently tested, 100m² of X-Grid could be installed in one hour by just one person! You can learn more about our fantastic grid system by visiting the product page.

GP40 – Plastic Porous Paving System

GP40 is a fully recycled and versatile recycled plastic gravel grid. Specially designed to have a high void ratio, you will be provided with a strong, durable and permeable surface which is able to withstand the weight of vehicles whilst allowing surface water to drain away naturally. GP40 is a SuDs compliant and eco-friendly grid system which is lightweight, easy to install, weather resistant and able to withstand up to 250 tonnes of compression per square metre. As GP40 is manufactured from plastic waste, it too carries a few benefits of plastic such as being UV and weather resistant so will not rot away or break down over time, prolonging its service life.

TruckPaver – Heavy Duty Truck Paving System

TruckPaver is a fully recycled plastic, heavy duty gravel grid. Known for its strength, permeability and durability, this lightweight and interlocking product is simple to install and large areas can be installed by just one person. The unique formulation and design means 1m² of this heavy duty paving product is able to withstand up to 1500 tonnes of pressure whilst being resistant to chemicals, weather and UV rays to lengthen its service life. Despite its large nature, TruckPaver also has a high void ratio and is fully permeable meaning rain and water can drain away naturally to help reduce surface water build up.

RecoPave 80 – Heavy Duty Plastic Paving System

RecoPave is a heavy duty gravel grid manufactured in the UK from recycled polyethylene. Due to being made from plastic, each RecoPave panel is durable and strong whilst also being chemical, UV and weather resistant giving it a longer service life. The interlocking connection system and lightweight frame make installations simple too with one person able to lay large areas in a shorter amount of time. The unique design also gives maximum strength as 1m² of RecoPave is able to withstand up to 300 tonnes of strength. The open design of TruckPaver also makes it SuDs compliant and allows water to drain away naturally to help reduce localised surface water build up.

How To Install A Gravel Grid

To create a long lasting and effective gravel grid installation, here is a rough X-Grid install guide, you can find our full installation instructions in the downloadable product guides which are found in the download tabs on each product page:

  • Firstly, mark out the area to be excavated and dig down to an appropriate depth dependent on the intended use (Typical dig depth is around 200mm).
  • Second, install a perimeter edging which is substantial enough to retain the grid installation and eliminate any lateral movement of the surface if required.
  • Thirdly, compact an MoT type 1 or 3 in layers of 50mm to achieve a final depth of around 150mm.
  • Next, lay and secure a sheet of woven membrane which covers the MoT sub-base.
  • Then, onto the membrane, lay a small 5-10mm layer of sharp sand over the entire area and level.
  • After, you can begin laying your X-Grid gravel grids. Start in one corner and lay one panel at a time, simply connect neighbouring X-Grid panels together and repeating until your area is covered.
  • If needed, X-Grid can be cut using a hand or power saw to fit into your specified area or to navigate around curves and obstructions.
  • Once installed, fill your X-Grid with aggregate or gravel. Preferably a 10-20mm diameter, well graded and angular material which will help reduce migration.
  • If required, compact the surface of your now filled X-Grid using a light vibratory whacker.
  • Finally, if you find any low areas, fill these spots with gravel until you are happy and you can then begin using your now reinforced area.

For more information on our range of gravel grids or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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