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Dalton United FC – X-Grid Car Park Case Study

Project Brief: Replace a badly deteriorated concrete car park with a durable, aesthetically pleasing and permeable Gravel parking area

Total Project Area: 560m²

Product Used: X-Grid

Dalton United FC, a football club based in Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria, faced a significant challenge when their concrete car park began to show signs of severe deterioration. The cracks, potholes, and overall wear and tear not only posed safety concerns but also marred the club’s image.

The club management awarded SWN Plant Ltd the contract to resolve their parking issue. SWN are a well-renowned company that provides plant hire, excavation and groundwork services throughout South Cumbria and North Lancashire.

The club sought a solution that would address their existing issues whilst also providing a sustainable and visually appealing alternative to hardscaping materials such as concrete.

SWN presented the football club’s management team with several solutions to ensure they had considered all options before choosing their new parking surface. After much careful consideration, the decision was made to opt for an X-Grid gravel parking area. This solution not only promised to rectify the existing problems but also provided a whole host of additional benefits which could not be achieved by other surfaces.

"Dalton United FC had a badly deteriorated car park that was a potential accident waiting to happen with several potholes and trip hazards – it needed improvement."

"We quoted for several surface solutions and X-Grid gravel grid was chosen. This was mainly due to the durability, aesthetics, and permeability it provides whilst at an affordable cost."

The installation process began with the large task of removing the deteriorated concrete surface, making way for the installation of X-Grid.

A concrete edging system was then installed by the entrance and between the car park and the start of the pitch. Next, a strong and stable sub-base was meticulously prepared with the inclusion of a geotextile membrane to ensure the grid parking system had sufficient support to perform to its maximum capability.

Onto the well-prepared sub-base, 560m² of X-Grid was then laid. Starting in one corner, the X-Grid panels were laid in 1m² sections at a time using the integral slot and peg connection system until the entire area was covered. 

With the entire X-Grid car park now laid, the panels could be filled with a 10mm clean blue gravel which complemented the surrounding area and meant the new parking area was complete.

The football club’s new durable, permeable, seamless and aesthetically pleasing gravel surface not only solved the original safety concerns, but also added a whole host of extra benefits to the space.

The transformation of Dalton United FC’s car park through the use of the X-Grid to create their new gravel parking area, not only addressed the immediate challenges posed by the deteriorated concrete but also elevated the overall image of the club.

GCL Products are proud to have worked alongside SWN Plant and Dalton United FC to create an innovative, sustainable, cost-effective, environmentally responsible and visually appealing parking solution.

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