Portable Conveyor

The Belt Conveyor

As the sole distributor of SoRoTo machinery to the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands we have large stocks available from our centre in Chesterfield. Because of this, we are also able to offer fast shipping on all of SoRoTo products. Our products come in a variety of sizes and have a wide range of uses thanks to their effective design. Our product range spans from the mini conveyor belt system at 2 metres long which is handy for indoor use, and small scale projects. The project range spans to the large electric conveyor belt coming in at 8 metres in length and is perfect for large-scale construction projects. Our conveyor range allows you to develop a temporary conveyor system that moves material quickly, safely and can allow access to restricted access.

A Portable Conveyor

Because the conveyor adopts a ‘snap on and off’ system allowing you to create the perfect length required for your project and the two-wheel transport undercarriage, it makes the conveyor very portable allowing the user to set up a temporary conveyor system safely, easily and in a way that suits their projects requirements. This means the conveyor can transport up to 322 tonnes of material per day whilst still being easy to maintain. The holes in the steel sheets under the PVC belt cool both the machine and the belt and allow for self-cleaning thanks to this design feature.

Conveyor System

Each machine has been specially designed with a lightweight aluminium frame which makes it the lightest conveyor belt on the market. This feature allows easy transportation around worksites and even angled up staircases. These portable conveyors have a maximum incline angle of up to 45° and the conveyor can elevate materials up to the second or third storey, allowing heavy materials to be dropped where they’re needed. Adjusting the angle is easy and can be done by unclipping the undercarriage and simply moving forward or back to create an angle that suits the user. The 10mm high carriers allow you to move a greater amount of material with less seepage over the sides which is great for wetter materials. The conveyor belt comes with two motor options (110V or 230V) and a 24-month warranty. The conveyor has a varied range of add-ons available to further enhance your uses. If you use a wheelbarrow to contain waste the SoRoTo offers a wheelbarrow in-feed to ensure that all waste is correctly dispersed onto the conveyor so it can be quickly transported away without leaking or falling off. If you require a different style of belt, SoRoTo offers belts without carriers to perfectly suit the transportation of wet products such as mortar. There’s a whole range of add-ons available to adapt the system to your needs.

Multi-Use Conveyor

Our range of temporary conveyor systems remove the need for labour-intensive tasks to transport material as the conveyor system is able to transport large quantities of material from one location to another. The conveyor belt can be used as a brick, gravel, rubble and roof tile conveyor belt along with many more applications. The perfect uses of the conveyor allow you to focus more on your project without having the worry of the cleanup process. Another great benefit of using a SoRoTo machine is you can join an 8-metre and 2-metre product together so that in total you can create one 10 metre portable conveyor system. This is perfect when longer length conveyor belts are required all the time and removes the need to set up a ‘daisy chain’ system of conveyors.

Perfect Conveyor Belt

You can be assured, SoRoTo belt conveyors will do their job to the highest standard each and every time used thanks to its versatile, durable, reliable and lightweight construction, whilst also keeping you safe as each machine includes a protective motor switch and a thermal cut off. Because we are the sole distributor of SoRoTo in and around the UK, we have a dedicated service centre in Chesterfield which stocks genuine parts to always keep you SoRoTo machine in 100 percent condition.

If you require a versatile, durable and easy to maintain conveyor, for large-scale material movement with added benefits such as it’s a lightweight construction and self-cleaning machinery a SoRoTo machine is perfect for you.

SoRoTo Hire

At GCL Products, we offer a hire service on our range of SoRoTo conveyor products. We offer competitive prices for the week and offer delivery and collection services as an add-on. If you would enquire about hiring our range then fill out the hire form, and a member of the friendly customer service team will be in touch with a quote that best suits the needs of your project.

More Information

For more information on purchasing our range of conveyor belts or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01246 418144 and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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