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OX Tools: World leading tool manufacturer

The OX Tools range was born in 1974. It was launched in the UK at the beginning of 2012. OX Tools are manufacturers of extremely high-quality products, a strong brand and competitive price. OX hand tools products are instinctively recognised as tough, dynamic, dependable and affordable.

The OX Group Tools are an award-winning tools manufacturer. Over the last ten years they have established themselves as the number one tools manufacturer in the world. The brand uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to assemble a world-class range of tools for construction including bricklaying tools, plastering tools and multi-purpose items.

We supply the following tools:


GCL Products stock a range of OX Trowels, suitable for a wide range of purposes in the construction sector including tiling, render, plastering, bricklaying and resin bound gravel. A tiling trowel or notched trowel is designed for scooping, spreading, levelling, combing and finishing adhesives and mortars. The OX Pro Notch Trowel is a carbon steel blade with a comfortable DURAGRIP handle and is available in a range of sizes suitable for your needs. A cement finishing trowel is ideal for builders with stainless steel construction for all-weather use. A Pro Pointed Flooring Trowel is fitted with a high-grade stainless steel blade and DURAGRIP handle with a soft grip. Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowels are lightweight and flexible, yet highly durable. Bucket Trowels are effective at scraping the remaining material from a bucket without causing damage.

Spirit Levels

Spirit levels are essential to ensure the accuracy of any job. Suitable for putting up shelves, aligning kitchen cupboards or anything else our range of OX Tools Spirit Levels are ideal and a brand you can trust. The different types of spirit levels available mean you have a suitable alternative for every task with a comprehensive range of sizes to fit your chosen length of surface or workspace. It is recommended that you choose a length closest to the length of the surface you are measuring. The level features a central vial, which is almost completely filled with liquid. There is enough room left for a single bubble of air, which will centre itself between two markers when the surface is completely level. The OX Tools Pro Spirit Levels feature dual view vials to give you a unique front view of the vertical vial. The OX Pro Torpedo Level 9 has a die-cast aluminium body which provides protection from damages and a longer life span. It has rare earth magnets providing strong group to metal surfaces.


OX Tools provide a wide range of workwear from specialist nitrile gloves to heavy-duty thick socks to thick knitted hats for working early morning, evening and night. OX gel filled knee pads are designed to keep the individual comfortable while ensuring safety.

Knives and Hammers

GCL Products provide a range of heavy-duty retractable knives. The OX Pro Heavy Duty Retractable Knife has quick blade changing feature and firm grip handle.

The Pro Claw Hammer has been designed to reduce fatigue and allows for multiple grip positions. It is constructed from premium grade, polished and heat-treated steel.

Industrial Rakes

Industrial rakes are ideal for the clearing and finishing touches of any job. The Pro Aluminium Concrete Rank has a 1500mm long handle with soft group and is braced for additional strength. The OX Trade Lightweight Aluminium Concrete Rake is designed for flexibility and versatility.

Tape Measures

Tape Measures are effective, flexible rulers ideal for measuring set distance. Built from a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fibre glass or metal strip with linear-measuring markings. The OX Tools tape measures in our range use a curved metallic ribbon that remains straight and strong once extended – and can retract into a coil at any convenience. The OX Pro Dual Auto Lock Tape Measure features imperial and metric measurements to Class II accuracy.

Pro Sealant Guns

Pro Sealant Guns are ultimate heavy-duty caulking guns which are used by professional tradesmen and home DIY users. With a firm trigger for grip and a choice of cartridge sizes available, the OX Tools range are ideal for any home or industrial trade project.

Industrial Buckets

Industrial buckets can be used for transporting, decanting and mixing with a tough build and a comfortable carry handle for taking from one task to another. A heavy duty industrial bucket is impact and abrasion resistant while being reliable and built for long-lasting. The OX Pro 25 Litre Plasterers Bucket features a huge 25 Litre (5 gallon) capacity and is ideal for mixing plaster. The strong wire handle and plastic carry grip making it ideal for distribution. A durable pouring spout is designed to minimise or eliminate waste.

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