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What are the advantages of capped composite boards?

The 3-sided capping found in our Peaks and Parks ranges allows the multi-tonal wood effect colour and enhanced grain depth to be achieved. Additionally the make up of the capping means that the board is stain and fade resistant.

What substructure is recommended?

Composite decking boards can sometimes fail because they are installed onto a softwood substructure. To extend the life of your decking we would highly recommend the use of our composite bearers.

Ecodek Peaks

Luxurious Solid Capped Composite Decking

Product Information
  • Length: 3600mm and 4880mm
  • Width: 135mm
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Weight: 3.4kg/m
  • Material: Capped wood polymer composite
  • Finish: Multi-tone wood grain
  • 40 year warranty for residential use
  • 10 year warranty for commercial use

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Ecodek Peaks are solid capped grey composite decking boards, that are a sustainable and stylish addition to any garden.

The luxurious boards are beautiful, solid composite decking that are stain and fade-resistant. The Peaks decking range are available in the shades, Snowdon and Nevis. They provide a sleek wood grain effect while featuring 3 sided capping which prevents fading and staining. Manufactured from wood polymer composite to ensure the decks will not splinter or crack.

The bold, multi-tonal colours are designed to give you a truly stylish and sustainable decking area.

The beautiful boards offer a number of great features. These include: slip resistance, low maintenance needed and rot resistance.

Find out more about these benefits below.

What are the benefits of Ecodek Peaks Composite Decking?

Ecodek Peaks are stylish boards with a number of great benefits:

95% recycled and sustainably sourced: The suited of products are made from eco-friendly recycled materials.

Rot and split resistance: The high-quality boards are carefully made to last and will not rot or split.

Splinter free: The boards are built with style and safety in mind. The boards are designed to be tough, durable and splinter free.

Low maintenance: The decking is made for little maintenance – it does not need sanding or sealing and is easy to clean – saving the user time.

Slip resistance: The boards are built with slip resistance; designed to keep individuals safe in different conditions.

Each Ecodek product has a 40 year warranty for residential and a 10 year warranty for commercial use.

Find out more about Ecodek Peaks

To find out more about this product, browse the Q&As and videos sections on this page. Alternatively, call us on 01246 418144 or email us here.

Product Technical Data
Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 4880 × 24 × 135 mm

Nevis (Light Grey), Snowdon (Dark Grey)

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Ecodek Composite Decking For The Homeowner
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