Grass Reinforcement Mesh for Vehicle and Pedestrian Use

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Key Facts

  • Materials: Polyethylene & EVA Foam
  • Colour: Green/Brown
  • Structure: Rhomboidal
  • Roll sizes: 1x10m, 2x10m & 2x20m
  • Fixing method: Steel uPins or Plastic anchor pegs
  • Fixings/m²: 2.5
  • Slip resistance: BS7976: 1-3

Heavy Duty

Fully Recycled




UV Resistant

Easy To Install

Can Be Cut


We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products that really stand the test of time. We ensure that all of our grass reinforcement meshes are made from high density polyethylene which is renowned for its non-slip qualities, strength and durability. Depending on the quality of installation and other determining factors including the weather and frequency of use, all of our reinforcement products have the potential to last as long as 20 years before replacement is necessary. Each roll of mesh is easy to install using one of our wide range of fixing solutions, using one peg at 1 metre intervals and can be installed on to both flat and uneven ground. Once installed and the grass below has grown sufficiently, you will see just how discreet the TurfMesh is and that it can be treat, weeded and mowed like normal.

About The Different Variants Of TurfMesh

TurfMesh 1000 is a light-duty grass protector which is great for use on green surfaces employed for occasional vehicle or light pedestrian use. With a natural appearance, this strong and durable meshing is brilliant for use on grassy areas that are prone to wear and rutting. TurfMesh is made from high density polyethylene and is protected against rot, chemicals and UV damage; it’s also hard wearing, long lasting and simple to install.

Despite its flexibility and ability to mould to all contours of the ground, TurfMesh 1400 is exceptionally strong and able to deal with the weight of anything from small pets to medium-sized vehicles. TurfMesh is a great alternative to tarmac; if you have a grassy area that simply cannot be out of action then TurfMesh is most definitely the answer. TM 1400 is an amazing product that will provide safe and easy access at all times

TurfMesh 1800 is the heavy duty variant of our reinforcement mesh collection and can therefore handle the strain of all applications ranging from pedestrian to HGV traffic on a daily basis. TurfMesh 1800 is not only the strongest but also the thickest of the three grades available. Its 13mm thickness may not seem like a lot but it ensures your grass remains strong and healthy under the heaviest and most regular traffic. However, this doesn’t affect its flexibility or its ability to be installed to undulating landscapes. It fits perfectly to the formation of the ground.


Thanks to its large spectrum of users and the fact that it’s a sensible alternative to tarmac means that TurfMesh has a long list of applications. All three grades of Turf Mesh can be used in almost any application including everything from woodland paths to grassed car parks to emergency access points to grassed roadways and paths that are used on a daily basis.

You can see our TurfMesh Email Campaign we sent out in December 2017 too.

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Additional information

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How do you install TurfMesh?

TurfMesh is easy to install using just plastic pegs or U-pins, read our product guide which also includes an installation guide.

What is TurfMesh able to support?

TurfMesh is a heavy-duty grass reinforcement mesh, able to hold the weight of pedestrians, machinery, motorbikes, cars, vans and even HGVs.

Is TurfMesh suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes, TurfMesh can be safely used by wheelchair users.

Is TurfMesh non-slip?

Yes, the textured surface of TurfMesh makes it a non-slip surface.

Is TurfMesh suitable for horses to walk on?

Yes, thanks to TurfMesh’s fantastic strength it is able to effectively support the weight of horses.

Product Guide

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