Grass Protection & Reinforcement

Strong, permeable and recycled surfacing products perfect for installing on to grassed areas

At GCL Products we stock a fantastic range of versatile, strong and durable grass protection and reinforcement products, all of which can help resolve a number of issues which you may be facing when dealing with a grassed area. Thanks to their strength, durability and long life spans, each product we stock can be used as both short term and long term solutions. Manufactured from 100% recycled material, each grass protection or reinforcement product we stock is eco-friendly, they re-use waste material which may otherwise end up in a landfill site or the ocean whilst allowing natural water drainage. The main use of our products is to reduce foot and vehicle erosion and increase the stability of the ground whilst protecting and allowing grass to grow naturally. These effective and flexible surfacing solutions can be installed onto both flat and contoured ground making them ideal for a wide range of projects. Due to the differences between these products and the versatility of each, this range of products can be used for surfacing a huge range of applications from car parks and equestrian areas to access routes and play areas – read on to find out which product would be most suitable for your upcoming job.

Rubber Grass Mats – Recycled Rubber Grass Protection Mat

Rubber grass mats are one of our most popular products which are commonly used on a wide range of applications such as homes, gardens & landscaping projects, safe playground flooring, equestrian surfacing, event flooring and on golf courses. Available in two thicknesses, 16mm and 23mm thick, both are effective when used but a specific grass mat may be needed for a certain application. This is the case for example around larger play areas where the 23mm grass mat is required due to its 3.3 metre critical fall height. Their popularity comes from their durability, versatility, critical fall height and wheelchair friendliness which make them an ideal grass protection option for a number of projects. A grass mats primary purpose is to protect the root of grass and help revive damaged areas of turf return to their natural state. Whilst being highly effective, our range of rubber grass mats are also easy to install on both level and uneven ground through the use of just cable ties and plastic fixing pegs. Rubber grass mats are one of the most economical and affordable grass protection mats on the market today thanks to their efficiency and versatility. You can learn more about our safe, non-slip and soft flooring grass mats on the product page or by reading our rubber grass mats specification.

TurfMesh – Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic Grass Reinforcement Mesh

TurfMesh is a heavy duty grass reinforcement product used in a wide range of grassed projects where a strong and easy to use solution is needed. Our grass reinforcement mesh is available in three different grades or thicknesses; light, medium and heavy duty which are all strong, long lasting, wheelchair friendly and capable of withstanding the weight of some vehicle and all pedestrian traffic. However, our thicker mesh is the strongest and is used for projects where larger amounts of traffic or heavier vehicles (Trucks and HGVs) will need to be supported.

Thanks to its many benefits, TurfMesh is the ideal surfacing product for a wide range of projects including car parks, access routes, paths & walkaways. If installed correctly, the grass below will be protected and able to continue growing naturally which will lead to the mesh becoming almost invisible once your turf has grown to a certain length. You will be please to know that you can also treat your turfed area exactly as you did before, you will be able to mow, weed and feed the area as though the mesh isn’t even there! The open cell design of TurfMesh also means you will have a SuDs compliant, fast draining surface which will allow water to drain naturally away and help reduce the chances of localised flooding by reducing the stress on modern and often overwhelmed drainage routes and waterways. You can learn more about our long lasting, non-slip and permeable grass reinforcement meshes on the product page or by reading our TurfMesh specification.

GrassMesh – Lighter Duty Recycled Plastic Grass Protection Mesh

GrassMesh is our versatile lighter duty grass protection mesh which is available in three grades; light, medium and heavy duty. This range of grass protection meshes is able to withstand pedestrian, wheelchair, cyclist and light machinery traffic meaning it can help you solve a large amount of issues you may be experiencing with a grassed area. Able to be installed on both uneven and flat ground effectively, this range of grass protection meshes will provide you with years of protection and durability. The level of pedestrian traffic that your grass area experiences dictates which mesh you will need to install, for heavy daily regular use heavy duty mesh is required, occasional traffic requires the medium duty mesh whilst turfed areas which experience infrequent traffic would need the light duty mesh. If installed correctly, each mesh will provide you a strong grassed area that can be used all year round. This mesh also provides you with a discreet surface which is almost invisible once the grass below has grown and can be mowed, weeded, fed and treat as though the mesh isn’t there! All variants of mesh are also fully SuDs compliant so all surface water will be able to drain away naturally into the ground below and reduce the chances of localised flooding. You can learn more about our discreet, long lasting and and permeable grass protection meshes on the product page or by reading our GrassMesh specification.

For more information on our range of grass protection or grass reinforcement products or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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