Where are rubber grass mats used

The wide range of uses for rubber grass mats

6 uses for rubber grass mats

Rubber grass mats have unlimited numbers of uses.

The mats can be used in areas from gardens, under play equipment, to in a workshop under work benches.

This blog post takes a look at the benefits of the mats and takes a look at what they are used for.

What are rubber grass mats
The mats are highly versatile and can be used in a large number of applications.

What are rubber grass mats?

Rubber grass mats are ideal for the landscaping, DIY and play industries.

The mats are highly durable and can simply be laid on top of existing soil, turf or concrete to improve the safety and aesthetics of a surface.

Each grass mat is wheelchair friendly, weatherproof and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

The specifically designed structure gives a strong and durable surface with effective drainage which also allows the grass to grow through and maintain the area’s natural appearance.

The grass mats are available in two thicknesses: 16mm and 23mm.

Rubber Grass Mats Bulwell Riverside
Rubber Grass Mats are non-slip, allow natural draiange and can maintain an area's natural appearance.

What are the features and the benefits?

The main function of the mats is to prevent grass erosion as it acts as a protective layer, protecting the grass from foot traffic.

Other benefits include:

Porous: With the whole of the upper surface being covered in holes, rubber grass mats allow water to soak away quickly.

Versatile: Can be used in practically any application, both inside and outside.

Simple: Simply laid on the surface, fixed down with pegs and connected to adjacent mats with cable ties, these mats are quickly installed.

Non-slip: The texture of the surface offers protection against slipping even in frosty and snowy weather.

Safe: Offering protection against critical falls from heights of up to 3.3m, these are perfect for playgrounds.

Protective: Protects the grass root and blade from erosion by foot traffic.

Flexible: Made from a flexible, yet durable rubber, these mats will follow the contours of the ground.

The features and benefits of rubber grass mats include natural drainage
The features and benefits of rubber grass mats include natural drainage

Where can rubber grass mats be used?

The mats can be used in a large number of applications.

These easy to install mats are most commonly found in playgrounds, at temporary events, farming, nautical and aquatic, gym and exercise areas and equestrian areas.

Play Area Flooring is one of many uses for Rubber Grass Mats
Play Area Flooring is one of many uses for Rubber Grass Mats.

Use 1: Access routes

Rubber grass mats are easy to install by simply laying each mat end to end to form the path. Once laid, the mats are fastened together using cable ties and secured into the grass below using plastic fixing pegs. This method of installation is recommended as it ensures there is no movement when walked on and so the path will not separate and expose any grass or mud below.

Case study:

Dalco Services are a construction company who are based in and work around London.

The project was created due to a school extension which meant that are busy pathway was unavailable. The outcome of this was that staff and students were directed over a patch of grass to lead them back to the main school building. The grass path was put in place to ensure that no one was close to the construction work and to remove the possibility of injuries.

As crossing the grassed area would likely result in damaged grass and dirty shoes or clothes, a temporary pathway for the grass was needed. The grass mats provide a solid and non-slip surface on which pupils and staff were able to walk on to get between buildings.

The mats were used in order to allow students to cross the grass during refurbishment
The mats were used in order to allow students to cross the grass during refurbishment.

Use 2: Under Washing Lines

The mats are also ideal for domestic use. Homeowner Peter was looking for a simple solution for slippery turf which he struggled with under the washing line.

The grass mats were laid from one end of the washing line before fastening the mats together using cable ties.

The grass mats were ideal for use in all weather and could be easily picked up and stored away for future use.

The anti-slip benefits of the mats makes it perfect for under washing lines
The anti-slip benefits of the mats makes it perfect for under washing lines.

Use 3: Changing Rooms

The third project is a changing room at Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow.

Alan, the Centre Manager, noticed that at the end of most days there would be water collected on the changing room floors which wouldn’t drain away unless swept, creating a potential slipping hazard.

Alan undertook thorough research for non-slip flooring which led him to our rubber grass mats.

He read up on the benefits and specification rubber mats and decided to order enough to cover the floor under and around all of the changing room benches. The mats were delivered a few days later and Alan could install these straight away.

The mats were installed after moving the benches out of the changing room. Following this, the mats could be laid on the exposed floor and connected using cable ties to prevent movement of the mats.

With the mats in place, the changing room could be used with little chance of slipping – and they were quick to install too!  

Rubber Grass Mats can also be used inside, such as for changing rooms flooring.
The mats can also be used inside, such as for changing rooms flooring.

Use 4: Sheep Feeders and Bee Hives

Grass mats are a great addition to farms.

Sheila uses the mats to allow her 10 sheep to gain a strong footing around their feeders and when entering or leaving their shelter as the land is sloping and very slippery at times. She uses them as a winter product, as once the warmer months arrive they can be taken away and stored,

On the farm, the mats sit above a weed controlling membrane keeps them in place and provides a non-slip surface which is easily lifted and cleaned when required.

“The rubber grass mats give my sheep confidence when the below ground can become slippery when wet. When spring comes I simply take them up, clean them and store until the next winter. As for the bees, I can easily lift those grass mats when I need to sweep up leaves and debris after the Autumn fall.”

“I have used rubber grass mats over many years but do need to replace some of them from time to time, and found yours which are great value.”

Rubber Grass Mats are also used around bee hives
Rubber Grass Mats are also used around bee hives.

Use 5: Temporary Events

Rubber matting can be used for temporary events.

Illuminate The Garden was a Bonfire Night celebration with over 10,000 people in attendance in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens. A number of local food and drink companies also join the festivities: Smoke BBQ Sheffield, The Gravy Train Poutine, The Sunshine Pizza Oven, The Otto-Men, Corn of the Dead, Wah Wah’s, Stancill Brewery, Bradfield Brewery, Kelham Island Brewery, Mr D’Arcys Drink Emporium, Coffika and the onsite cafe, The Curators House.

To protect the grass, flowers and plants during the weekend’s event certain areas were protected through the use of fully recycled rubber grass mats whilst other parts were closed off completely.

The rubber grass mats were lightweight, quick and easy to install and once installed need little maintenance. The team found the mats very easy to use.

The event was a fantastic success and the mats were effective underfoot.

The mats stood up to the challenge of the thousands of visitors and were easy to remove and transport away on Monday once the event had finished.

Grass Mats allowed somewhere for visitors to Sheffield's Illuminate The Gardens firework display to stand without impacting the grass below.
Grass Mats allowed visitors to Sheffield's Illuminate The Gardens firework display to stand without impacting the grass below.

Use 6: Playgrounds

The Living Rainforest acts as both as an education centre and visitor attraction. 

Chief Horticulturist, Peter Clark, said: “Each year we welcome around 25,000 children who visit us as part of their school’s curriculum, we also welcome another 35,000 children who visit us at weekends and during school holidays with their families.”

“There is an adventure style playground at the centre that is very popular with all our young visitors. This playground is in use 362 days a year (we only close Xmas Eve through to Boxing Day) and takes quite a battering from the 60,000 pairs of feet that use it. This heavy usage combined with the effects of the weather puts quite a stress on the equipment and infrastructure.”

The heavy foot traffic meant that the team were constantly battling with drainage, muddy areas and puddling which needed to be sorted to allow visitors to access the play area all throughout the year.

Peter made his decision to purchase the rubber grass mats after being impressed by these qualities:

  • Easy to install
  • Having a critical fall height of 3.3 metres
  • Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces
  • Being 100% recycled
  • Being resistant to all weather
  • Being wheelchair

The grass mats were simple to install and carried environmental benefits.

“We selected rubber grass mats because we have found them to be very durable, easy to install and most important of all have delivered a proven safety surface for our young visitors. Time permitting we will move on to improving drainage, levelling the ground and installing additional new matting in other areas.” 

Rubber Grass Mats carry a critical fall height for playground safety.
They carry a critical fall height for playground safety.


Rubber Grass Mats are used by a range of customers, from commercial using hundreds of mats on large projects to domestic customers using one mat in their garden.

The mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and are available in two thicknesses, 16mm mats and 23mm mats.

Both mats are made from strong, durable and weather-resistant so can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Grass mats protect the root of the grass and promote grass growth whilst still allowing natural drainage.

The mats are incredibly versatile and can be used for a huge number of applications.

Read more in Product Spotlight: Rubber Grass Mat Rolls.

To find out more about rubber grass mats and other products in our range call 01246 418144.

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  1. What do I do after years of use when the mat has settled down and clay has started to cover the mats up?

    1. Hi Stephen, these mats can be lifted and relaid if needs be. If the clay ground tends to get boggy, it may be useful to fortify the soil with sand or fine gravel or you can install a mesh below the grass mats to help give them more buoyancy. However, this said, no product is perfect over soggy soil and the only sure way to combat this is to deal with the drainage.

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