Rubber Grass Mats Protecting Newly Laid Turf At Bedford County Golf Club

Rubber Grass Mats Used At Bedford & County Golf Club

Project Brief: Create hard-wearing & natural-looking paths at the end of bridges

Total Project Area: 37.5m²

Product Used: Rubber Grass Mats

A beautiful parkland golf course based in Bedfordshire, Bedford & County Golf Club wanted to make refinements to ensure the heavily used grass paths leading to and from bridges on the course would be suitable for year-round play.

About The Project

In this case study, the Course Manager and greenkeeping team were working to improve the durability of the walk on/off areas of bridges around the course. These heavily trafficked areas were beginning to show signs of wear during wetter months which caused muddy/boggy areas, compromising the aesthetics and structural integrity of the space.

The project aimed to find a solution that would protect the areas all year round whilst still allowing the grass below to grow to keep the beautiful natural aesthetics of the course.

After much research, the team decided to use Rubber Grass Mats from GCL Products as the surfacing solution for their project.

The Installation

Once the rubber grass mats arrived at the course, the team could begin their installation.

Firstly, the areas in question were excavated, preparing the ground for the upcoming improvements.

Next, turf humus, chosen for its ability to retain moisture, was applied for optimal grass growth, especially during summer.

After, new turf was laid onto the turf humus, creating a lush foundation for the team’s unique surfacing approach.

Finally, the rubber grass mats were carefully positioned and securely pinned down over the new turf, to protect the newly laid grass areas and create durable walkways without compromising the natural appearance of the course.

The Outcome

The implementation of Rubber Grass Mats at Bedford & County Golf Club has produced remarkable results. Not only did it mitigate the wear and tear on the paths, but it also safeguarded the integrity of the bridges’ walk-on/off areas. The club successfully achieved their dual goal of creating durable all-weather paths whilst maintaining the course’s natural aesthetics.

In the dynamic world of golf course management, the Bedford & County Golf Club team’s thoughtful approach serves as inspiration for other clubs seeking to balance functionality with the preservation of nature’s beauty.

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About Bedford & County Golf Club

Bedford & County Golf Club is widely acknowledged as one of Bedfordshire’s premier courses, based just 3 miles outside of Bedford town centre, you are transported to the tranquillity of a course that has been carefully developed over the past 100 years.

Today the course is a real testament to the ongoing development. 50 years of continuous investment and development has resulted in the course being playable year-round; a course that challenges players of all abilities.

You can learn more about the course and how to book a tee time by visiting the Bedford & County website.

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