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Garden Transformation: Achieving a Durable Lawn with GrassMesh

Project Brief: Converting a neglected five-level garden into a beautiful, functional two-level space, with a focus on protecting a healthy and lush turf from heavy foot traffic and pets.

Product Used: GrassMesh 450

The Project

This case study comes from Sam who embarked on a significant garden renovation project to transform his multi-level garden into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. The garden was initially a five-level area covered with gravel and a paving stone path. The goal was to create a more unified, two-level garden with lush, durable turf that could withstand the wear and tear from his two dogs and active three-year-old child.

The Challenge

Sam’s primary challenge was establishing a year-round green lawn without resorting to artificial turf. With pets and a young child, durability and safety were crucial. He needed a solution that could protect the grass roots from heavy foot traffic and dog activities, ensuring the lawn remained robust and healthy throughout the year.

The Solution: GrassMesh

To address these challenges, Sam researched several grass protection solutions and chose to go ahead with GrassMesh 450. GrassMesh is designed to reinforce and protect grassed areas, making it an ideal solution for areas that are exposed to high traffic.

Our grass protection mesh is a high-quality system specifically engineered to provide reinforcement and protection for natural grass surfaces. Here’s how it works and why it was the perfect solution for Sam’s garden:

Durability and Strength: GrassMesh 450 is manufactured from high-density polyethylene, which gives it exceptional strength and durability. Creating a grassed area that is more resistant to the wear and tear caused by foot traffic, pets, and even garden machinery. This ensures that the lawn remains lush and healthy, even in high-traffic areas.

Discreet Integration: Once the grass grows through the GrassMesh, it becomes virtually invisible. This means that you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a natural lawn without compromising on durability. The mesh blends seamlessly with the grass, maintaining the garden’s visual appeal.

Ease of Installation: GrassMesh 450 is designed for easy installation. It can be laid directly on the prepared soil and secured using plastic anchor pegs before seeding or turfing. For this project, a double layer of mesh was used in the most trafficked areas for extra reinforcement. The first layer was laid, seeds were sown, and once the grass was established, a second layer was added on top.

Maintenance-Friendly: GrassMesh does not prevent you from performing regular lawn maintenance. You can mow, weed and treat your lawn as usual. The mesh is designed to stay in place, protecting the grass roots while allowing for normal garden activities.

The Implementation

Excavation and Preparation: The entire garden was excavated and reset to prepare for the transformation. This involved clearing out the existing gravel and paving stones and levelling the area to create two distinct garden levels.

Building the Structure: Gabion stone cages were used to construct a decorative and functional retaining wall, which separated the two garden levels. This added both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to the garden design.

Laying the Turf with GrassMesh 450: The new turf was laid on both levels, with GrassMesh 450 installed to protect the grass roots and secured in place using plastic fixing pegs. In high-traffic areas, Sam used a double layer of mesh, first growing the seed through the initial layer, then adding a second layer over the established lawn a year later. This ensured maximum protection and durability.

Creating Usable Spaces: A new patio and path were constructed next to the house, providing a comfortable area for the family to enjoy the garden. Additionally, a new fence was installed for added privacy and security.

The Conclusion

The use of GrassMesh has played a vital role in the success of Sam’s garden transformation. It provided the necessary protection for the turf, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing lawn that can withstand the rigours of an active family and pets.

As the photos show, the garden has been completely revitalised, moving from an unused, multi-level space to a beautiful and functional one. The GrassMesh is discreet, allowing the grass to grow naturally while providing robust protection.

A huge thank you to Sam for choosing our grass protection mesh and sharing the photos and details of his garden transformation!

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