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How do you install GrassMesh?

GrassMesh is easy to install using just plastic pegs or metal pins, read our product guide which also includes an installation guide.

What is GrassMesh able to support?

GrassMesh is ideally suited to supporting pedestrians and light machinery.

Can GrassMesh support the weight of Vehicles?

No, GrassMesh is not able to support vehicles. However, TurfMesh can support the weight of vehicles.

Is GrassMesh suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes, GrassMesh can be used safely by wheelchair users.

Is GrassMesh a non-slip product?

GrassMesh is a flat product which provides a more stable surface but does not have non-slip qualities.

Is GrassMesh suitable for horses to walk on?

No, TurfMesh is better suited to being used by horses as it is a stronger product than GrassMesh.

What are the dimensions of GrassMesh?

GrassMesh640 is 2m x 10m x 4mm. GrassMesh450 is 2m x 30mm x 3mm. GrassMesh270 is 1m x 50m x 2mm.

Is GrassMesh dog friendly?


Will it refrain animals from digging?



Pedestrian Grade Grass Protection Mesh

Product Information
  • Materials: HD Polyethylene
  • Colour: Green
  • Structure: Rhomboidal
  • Aperture Diameter: 30mm
  • Fixing method: Steel uPins or Plastic anchor pegs
  • Fixings/m²: 2.5

From: £31.50 exc. VAT

£37.8 inc. VAT
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About The Different Variants Of GrassMesh

We have a range of Grass Protection Meshes that can help solve many issues you may be having with a grassed area. It is a versatile and flexible product that can be used on both uneven and flat ground effectively on both domestic and commercial projects. The different variants are used for different applications. Learn more about each type of grass protection mesh by reading on:

GrassMesh 640 is the heaviest duty grade of our GrassMesh range. It’s thicker and heavier than the other variants of grass mesh and is therefore suitable for areas used by pedestrians, wheelchair users, animals and garden machinery on a daily basis.

GrassMesh 450 is our medium-duty grass protection in the GrassMesh range which can be used by pedestrians, wheelchair users, animals and light machinery such as lawnmowers and chippers on an occasional basis.

GrassMesh 270 is hard wearing and durable, and with the correct application has the potential to last many years. It’s a product that’s suitable for use on any kind of grassed area to be used by pedestrians and wheelchairs on an infrequent basis.

If you have a green area that needs protecting against foot erosion such as paths, tracks or walkways or preventing dogs digging up your turf, GrassMesh is the perfect product for you. Once your grass has had chance to grow through the protection mesh you’ll really notice how discreet its appearance is. The design of our GrassMesh range also ensures a discreet appearance that users will barely notice but will still protect your lawned area from erosion. As well as using your grass as normal, you’ll also be able to weed, treat and mow as usual too with the guarantee of the root of the grass being protected.

Why Use GrassMesh?

GrassMesh is the perfect choice if you’re looking to easily protect and extend the life of any green area.

If you want to ensure grassed areas are suitable for use throughout the year, the installation of a protection mesh is an essential. If maintenance is what you’re worried about, rest assured that with GrassMesh you can treat your lawned area just as you would without it. Whether that’s mowing, feeding or seeding, GrassMesh can take the strain of any kind of treatment and will still provide you with years of protection and durability.

If you think GrassMesh could be the product you need to keep your lawn looking lush or have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

Product Technical Data
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Install Guide and Pinning Diagram

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