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Grass Protection Mesh Prevent Grass Erosion

Grass can be the main feature of many landscaping projects from a back garden to the grounds of a park or tourist attraction. However, the quality of grass can very easily diminish should it experience regular pedestrian or vehicular traffic with no support or time to recover. This is why grass protection products are a popular choice when looking to maintain your turf or help it recover from damage.

About GrassMesh

We source the best quality grass protection meshes on the market for our customers. Manufactured from a specialist 100% recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene), each roll of GrassMesh is strong, durable, easy to install, SuDS compliant, versatile, discreet, weather and UV resistant. Available in three grades, this mesh prevents turf damage on many applications from light, infrequent pedestrian use, to heavy duty protection against daily use from pedestrians, garden machinery and pets.

When installed, GrassMesh helps to spread and reduce the pressure put onto the soil, thus protecting the root of grass and preventing erosion. Thanks to its open structure and green style, once the grass has grown as normal, the mesh will be almost invisible under a healthy lawn making it an effective and discreet solution.


GrassMesh is incredibly versatile and can be used on a huge number of both commercial and domestic projects from helping revive a small garden to covered a full grassed area at tourist attraction. Here are a few of the many examples of how GrassMesh has been used in the past:

  • To promote grass growth in heavily damaged grassed areas
  • Create grass pathways that can handle regular pedestrian traffic
  • Prevent pets and animals from digging up grass
  • For support under wheelchairs and light vehicles travelling on grassed areas

Case Study One - Preventing Dog From Digging:

A domestic case study where a clients dog had a sudden change in behaviour and started frantically digging up their small garden. Leaving huge holes and mounds of soil scattered around the garden meant a quick solution that would deter the dog from digging whilst helping the grass recover was vital.

After plenty of research and a conversation with a member of our knowledgeable sales team helped the client decide on GrassMesh. They refilled the holes with soil, reseeded and laid the mesh over the entire garden securing it with u-pins as they went along. As you can see from the photos, the turf has gone from a patchy, soil mess to a healthy turf thanks to our grass protection mesh.

Case Study Two - Preventing Dogs From Digging:

Another case study where two large dogs were causing havoc in a back garden digging everywhere leaving a trail of destruction and effectively ruining all of the turf – the grass was in such a poor state that it was likened to the surface of the moon!

To combat the digging and destruction new turf was laid before GrassMesh was advised to act as a deterrent to the dogs whilst protecting as much of the grass as possible. Installed simply by rolling out, cutting around obstacles such as paving stones before being fixed in place using u-pins.

As you can see from the photos, after a while of grass growth and no dogs digging, the mesh became almost invisible allow the area to look as natural as possible whilst still offering valuable protection.


GrassMesh is a fantastic product for all of your grass protection needs whether that be a small domestic project or a huge commercial project. The many benefits outlined throughout this article shows why this range of mesh is such a sought after product. 

If you have questions regarding our GrassMesh range or would like a quote for an upcoming project please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our knowledgeable and helpful team will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

GrassMesh 270, GrassMesh 450 and GrassMesh 640, available now!

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