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TurfMesh Installation At The Grange Sports Club

Project Brief: Create a discreet and reinforced grass access route and parking area

Total Project Area: 1000m²

Products Used: TurfMesh 1800, 6mm u-pins

This case study comes courtesy of Neil, the Grounds Conveyor at The Grange Sports Club located in Edinburgh. The sports club is a regular host of Scotland cricket international matches as well as hosting hockey, squash and tennis. Neil and the senior groundsman had noticed a couple of issues surfacing on a large grassed area of the club which was occasionally used as an access route, vehicular parking and servicing of the ground during big cricket matches and other events. 

Knowing that to improve the situation, the club would need to invest in an efficient grass reinforcement solution, Neil and the senior groundsman began researching grass reinforcement products which soon led them to our website and our range of TurfMesh products, in particular TurfMesh 1800 – our thickest turf mesh variant.

They both read up on the meshes many benefits including its ability to withstand the weight of cars and lorries as well as being very easy to install using just u-pins whilst protecting the root of the grass. Impressed by its capabilities and discreetness once the grass below has grown, over 1000m² of the TM1800 was ordered along with enough U-Pins to secure the mesh into the ground which was dispatched the next working day and delivered to the club via pallet delivery just a few days later.

With the TurfMesh and u-pins at the sports club, the senior groundsman and his team could begin installing their new grass reinforcement mesh on to the prior planned area. TurfMesh is a simple product to install, simply unroll the mesh and position over the area you want to cover. To secure the mesh, evenly space and use two u-pins per. Repeat the process of unroll and secure until the entire area has been covered. The team followed this procedure which they found to be simple and effective. With the mesh secure, the groundsman then decided to dress the top of the Turfmesh with sand to compact the area further. All that was left to do after was wait for the grass below to grow through and disguise the mesh to give them a strong and natural looking surface!

Neil and the groundsmen that worked with the TurfMesh are very pleased with the results and how it has performed. Neil told us:

“As you can see the grass has grown in very well at this end. There is still a bit of sand, which we dressed in, on the surface at the south end but we’re very happy with the way it is working.” “We have a couple of One Day Internationals coming up in the next few weeks, Scotland v England and Scotland v Pakistan, so we are hoping the grass will look pristine by then.”

We would like to thank Neil and Grange Sports Club for firstly, choosing to use our grass reinforcement mesh and for sharing the photos and details to allow us to create an in-depth case study of their project. If you have questions regarding our grass reinforcement mesh or any of our other products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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