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RecoEdge Garden Edging Installation Case Study

Project Brief: To create an attractive, strong & durable edging system that prevents material migration for a clients garden  

Total Project Area: 12m

Product Used: Black RecoEdge & RecoStakes

When it comes to garden makeovers, people often overlook the importance of an edging system. However, the right choice of edging can add the perfect finishing touches to your landscaping efforts while eliminating problems such as material migration and crumbling edges. In this case study, we explore how RecoEdge, a luxury garden edging made from 100% recycled waste material, transformed a client’s garden.

The client’s garden had an outdated wooden edging system in place that had ‘seen better days’. Being discoloured and rotted in places, it was evident that a replacement was necessary.

In search of a durable and long-lasting solution, the client discovered RecoEdge during their online research. RecoEdge immediately caught the client’s eye and stood out as the perfect edging system thanks to its wide range of benefits which include being crafted entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic waste, being durable, strong and having an attractive design.

RecoEdge is a revolutionary edging system that combines environmental consciousness with exceptional functionality.

Manufactured using only recycled waste materials, it not only helps reduce waste but also offers a stunning slate-like appearance which adds elegance to any garden or other outdoor space.

The edging is complemented by RecoStakes, which are robust, user-friendly fixing solutions designed and created specifically for use with RecoEdge and are actually crafted from the same recycled waste materials to ensure they carry the same range of benefits.

Installing RecoEdge is a straightforward process too, especially when accompanied by RecoStakes. Follow these simple steps to transform your garden effortlessly:

Step 1: Dig a small trench along the desired length of the edging area.

Step 2: Place RecoEdge vertically in the trench, ensuring the desired depth is met.

Step 3: Position RecoStakes behind the RecoEdge at approximately 1-meter intervals and secure.

Step 4: Connect the edging to each stake using chipboard screws or similar fasteners.

Step 5: Back-fill the area to create a smooth surface, ready for your landscaping creativity.

By following the straightforward installation process, the client was able to successfully revamp their garden with the use of RecoEdge around a gravel area creating separation from a flower bed. The crisp division between the two landscaped areas added a touch of sophistication that was missing prior to the addition of our edging system.

The client couldn’t be happier with the results, stating; 

“RecoEdge is an outstanding product that not only looks fantastic but was also incredibly easy to install with the RecoStakes.” 

“I chose the black edging to create a striking contrast against the existing gravel and it has replaced the old wooden edging perfectly.”

The client’s experience with RecoEdge showcases the immense potential of this sustainable and visually appealing edging system.

By opting for RecoEdge, you can effortlessly enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden while addressing common issues encountered with traditional edging options. We would like to thank the client for choosing to use RecoEdge in their project and for sharing the remarkable garden transformation with us.

If you have any questions regarding RecoEdge or would like to explore our other product ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us or LiveChat with us during office hours, or leave us a message outside of these times.

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