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Garden Edging

Create strong, flexible and attractive divisions between two landscaped areas using our garden edging

At GCL Products we are proud to stock such a fantastic range of strong, attractive and durable recycled edging systems with matching fixing solutions suitable for use on a wide range of applications. Each garden edging product is capable of creating long-lasting, reinforced, straight or contoured separations between landscaped areas. Lawn edgings are ideal for use on both small and large jobs to preventing potential migration, crumbly edges and grass or plants from growing outside of their boundaries.

All of our lawn edgings are made from plastic waste which would otherwise be dumped into a landfill site or end up in the ocean. So by choosing from our recycled products you aren’t only creating easy and beautiful divisions but you are also helping to reduce the worlds plastic waste. Also, as all of our edgings are manufactured from plastic, they take on the benefits of plastic so will not rot, rust or break down from weather or UV erosion and will leave your separated landscaped areas looking clean and tidy.

EcoLat – Luxury Recycled Plastic Garden Edging

Ecolat is a new generation luxury edging system made from entirely post consumer recycled plastic. Available in brown or grey and in roll sizes of 25m, 10m and 2m, we ensure you can order the perfect edging in the correct size for your upcoming project. This decorative, strong, weather resistant and environmentally friendly garden edging is perfect for creating crisp and clean divisions between two or more landscaped areas such as flower beds, garden borders, gravel paths and more.

EcoLat is easy to install too. Simply, dig a small trench and lay the EcoLat in to the trench, then directly behind the EcoLat at around 1m intervals, mallet EcoPic stakes into the ground before securing by screwing the two together using 2 stainless steel screws per stake. You can learn more about our recycled, strong, attractive and versatile EcoLat garden edging on the product page or by reading our EcoLat product guide.

GeoBorder – Simple Yet Strong Garden Edging

GeoBorder is a flexible, versatile, effective and simple to use, recycled plastic lawn edging product ideal for creating clean and crisp separations of any shape between landscaped areas such as paths, lawns, flower beds, patios, driveways and more. As it is manufactured from recycled plastic waste, GeoBorder carries the benefits of plastic such as durability strength, UV and weather resistance making it a fantastic long term solution.

GeoBorder is also an easy to install lawn edging. Dig a small trench and lay the GeoBorder in to the trench ensuring that it is sat flush against the landscaped area you are wanting to contain. Connect neighbouring pieces of GeoBorder together and contour to match the areas shape by snipping the back supports and putting in place. Once correctly placed, use 6 GeoBorder nails per m² and mallet them into the holes of the edgings support structure before back filling with your choice of soil or gravel etc. You can learn more about our effective, affordable, flexible and versatile GeoBorder edging on the product page or by reading our GeoBorder product guide.

For more information on our range of edging or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team.

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