RecoStake Sculpture Captions - Beaulieu Museum

Beaulieu Museum Creating Sculpture Captions With RecoStakes

Project Brief: To create strong, attractive & Weatherproof caption stands for the upcoming Sculpture at Beaulieu exhibition

Products Used: 240 RecoStakes

Providing relevant information in a short, concise and easy-to-read way is vital for museums and events when displaying items such as sculptures, historic artefacts or displays.

This case study is courtesy of Beaulieu Museum who are hosting their Sculpture at Beaulieu 2023 event which features the work of over 57 renowned sculptors running from 17th June to 24th September. The team wanted to achieve captions that were at the perfect height for their visitors and would provide them with a stand that would last for years to come.

"We hold a sculpture exhibition every other year at Beaulieu, here in the New Forest. Whilst Beaulieu is best known for the world-famous National Motor Museum, it is also the home of Palace House, the Montagu family's ancestral home. The exhibition features 300 sculptures in Palace House and throughout its grounds and gardens."

"We wanted to enhance the exhibition this year with captions for each of the sculptures, displaying the sculpture name, artist and a QR code taking the visiting through to a dedicated webpage with more information. The outdoor captions needed to be at a height and angle that made it easy for the visitor to read. We considered using wood, but from experience these haven't lasted well from year to year. Metal posts were too expensive."

"One of the team then came across GCL Products and your RecoStake and thought with some adaptation that they could work. We bought a couple of samples of the grey 60cm stake and mocked up a caption by chop sawing a 45 degree angle on the top of the post, and mounting with two screws a backboard onto the post. We then printed each caption on a black die-bond board and stuck it to the caption post."

RecoStakes are taken from our range of lawn edging fixings and are manufactured from entirely post-consumer recycled plastic waste. These high-quality fixing solutions are designed and crafted to be used in conjunction with RecoEdge edging rolls to produce strong, durable, weatherproof, simple to install and attractive separations between two or more landscaped areas.

However, in this application, thanks to the many benefits that our unique RecoStakes carry, due to being crafted from entirely recycled plastic waste, make them the perfect solution for Beaulieu and their sculpture caption stands. The 600mm RecoStakes provide the museum with a strong, reliable and ideal height stand that performs exactly as they wished and can also be re-used year after year, reducing their costs for future events!  

" With these tests being a success, we installed circa 200 of these posts in the final days of installation, and they are looking great and lasting well. We are confident given the materials they are made from that they will last for several exhibitions to come."

We are delighted to see our RecoStakes being used as such a successful and innovative solution for the Beaulieu Museum. We would like to thank Rachael and the team for choosing our recycled plastic stakes to create their captions and for sharing the photos of their stunning event, we’re certain it will be a success!

If you have any questions regarding any of the products within our range, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can call us or LiveChat with us during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.

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