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Lawn Edging

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Our wide range of decorative Lawn Edging is suitable for almost all landscaping projects. Our lawn edging range is made from exclusively recycled plastic and are used to create beautiful separations and edges between landscaped areas such as turf and flower beds. All of our edgings are made from plastic that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill site or end up in the ocean, by using our recycled products you aren’t only creating beautiful divisions easily, but you are also reducing the worlds waste slowly but surely. Also, as all of our products are made of plastic, they will not rot or rust from weather or UV erosion and will in turn leave your separated landscaped areas looking clean and tidy.

All of our lawn edging products are easy to install too, simply dig a small trench in the required area, lay the edging in the trench and secure with a pin if required before backfilling the area with soil or other materials until the edging is secure. For more information on our lawn edging or any other products do not hesitate to contact us.