Hollow vs Solid Composite Decking: Slate Grey Stadia Composite Decking

Solid vs Hollow Composite Decking Board

Composite Decking Boards

Which is better: hollow or solid decking board?

Decking can re-energise almost any outdoor space. Perfect for entertaining visitors in your residential or commercial garden.

When it comes to choosing between tried and tested solid decking and the new hollow alternative can be tough.

This blog post will take a look at both options to help you to find the best decking for your needs.

Solid Decking vs Hollow Decking: Ecodek Parks Exmoor
Exmoor Decking is part of the Parks range.

What is solid composite decking?

Solid composite decking is available in a variety of designs and colours.

It comes in two primary forms: capped composite decking and uncapped composite decking.

The standard non-capped composite decking is extremely durable. It provides a great aesthetic while needing very little maintenance.

The boards are slip and stain-resistant. They can withstand the demands of the outdoors, as well as obstacles such as barbeques or lively social gatherings.

Capped composite decking provides all these benefits plus the added benefit of enhanced moisture protection via a protective polymer sleeve. This gives each capped board an extremely low porosity that makes them impermeable to moisture.

It is made from a combination of recycled hardwood and synthetic material, making them extremely eco-friendly.

Ecodek solid decking
Solid decking is ideal for supporting weighted products and managing heavy footfall, such as in a bar or cafe.

What is hollow composite decking?

Hollow composite decking has a number of advantages.

As less material is used in its design and so is less expensive than its solid counterpart.

Each hollow composite board features multiple hollow channels running through each plank. This makes them more environmentally friendly. 

It is inherently sturdy and hard-wearing and does not require any wood treatment. 

They provide a comfortable, lightweight surface to walk on, which is preferable in some instances due to the rigidity of solid decking.

Hollow Decking Board
Hollow decking is less expensive but could have reduced quality than solid boards. Once installed they have an exposed edge which can gather water or debris.

Composite Decking Boards

Why choose composite decking over wood decking?

Wooden decking has traditionally been the go-to material for decking but it needs time dedicated to it to maintain this appearance for years.

Over its lifetime, wood can lose colour, simply by being bleached by the sun. It will also need protection from rain and other conditions.

Wooden decking needs a good brush down monthly and oiling at least once a year to prevent it from warping or rotting.

Thus, composite decking – made from recycled plastic and wood fibres – is the maintenance-free solution which many people are turning to.

Ecodek Signature AT Pebble Grey Decking
Ecodek Signature AT Pebble Grey Decking

The benefits of composite decking

Composite decking looks remarkably like wooden decking.

It features a slip resistant pattern and does not absorb water or build up an unwanted silky coating.

It is perfect for use in bars and restaurants. With spillages on composite decking, it is easy to mop up without the risk of staining.

They are easy to install – even easier than wooden decking – with no specialist tools needed.  

Ecodek Peaks: Snowdon Decking Board
Ecodek Peaks: Snowdon Decking Board

Our new range of ecodek decking boards

Ecodek Heritage: The natural, rustic look Heritage range features an attractive wood grain appearance. It delivers safety and style with a low-slip finish and will not stain, warp, split or flake – meaning users can enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. 

Ecodek Signature AT: The Signature boards are reversible ribbed and grooved solid composite decking boards. The boards are eco-friendly, low slip and can be customised to bespoke lengths.

Ecodek Peaks: These boards are beautiful, luxurious composite decking boards in a range of multi tonal colours, that reflect the peaks. Available in the shades of Snowdon and Nevis, the decking features 3 sided capping that prevents fading and staining while offering a sleek wood grain effect.

Ecodek Parks: The Parks range creates a stylish outdoor space with eco-friendly, solid composite decking. It is available in the shades Exmoor and Dartmoor and offers a classic finish that works with aesthetic and delivers on substance and style. 

Ecodek Signature HD: The Signature HD range are durable, heavy duty, solid composite decking that is sleek and sustainable. It offers a robust decking option made from eco-friendly materials.

Ecodek Stadia: These are solid composite decking boards designed for hospitality and sports venue flooring areas. It is designed to limit the volume of debris that could fall between deck boards during sporting events and allows for good air circulation.

Adek Aluminium Decking: Adek is a non-combustible aluminium decking system in anthracite grey. Made from sleek, 100% recycled aluminium it is a fantastic contemporary addition to a range of projects from residential balconies to commercial walkways.

Ecodek Heritage: Brecon Shale Decking Board
Ecodek Heritage: Brecon Shale Decking Board
Adek Aluminium Decking Board
Adek Aluminium Decking Board


The hollow composite decking is often cheaper, lighter and easier to install. However, solid composite decking can be more realistic and provides greater strength – this makes them ideal for high footfall areas, including bars and pubs.

To find out more information about our range of decking products, call us on 01246 418144.

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Composite Decking Boards

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