Billie Budd - New X-Grid Sales Specialist

Introducing: Billie Budd – X-Grid Sales Specialist

We are thrilled to welcome Billie Budd to the GCL Products team as our new Sales Specialist, her role with us will focus exclusively on our X-Grid range. With her extensive experience and dynamic approach, Billie will make a significant impact on the company and drive our continued X-Grid success.

Billie's Role and Responsibilities

In her new role, Billie will be both proactive and reactive with customers’ enquiries. Billie will work to develop and maintain strong relationships with our regular clients. By focusing on building rapport and understanding, Billie will become our primary point of contact for all X-Grid related queries.

Her role will also involve forecasting and planning in collaboration with our customers. By understanding their needs and anticipating trends, Billie will ensure we can consistently meet our customers’ expectations. With a broad knowledge of all aspects of the business, she can field incoming enquiries for all of our product ranges ensuring every customer’s requirements are met.

Billie Budd - X-Grid Sales Specialist

Billie's Background

Billie brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously worked at Pricecheck and Enterprise.

At Pricecheck, she spent two and a half years in Sales Support, where she honed her skills in customer service, relationship management and sales strategy. This role provided her with a solid foundation in understanding sales processes and customer needs.

Following her time at Pricecheck, Billie joined Enterprise as a Management Trainee for one and a half years. In this role, she gained valuable insights into business operations, management principles and strategic planning.

Her ability to nurture and develop relationships with a wide range of customers, coupled with her strong commercial awareness, has been a vital aspect of her career. These experiences have equipped Billie with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in her new role at GCL Products.

Get to Know Billie

In her personal life, Billie enjoys socialising with friends and has a passion for cooking and baking. Her favourite dishes to make include brownies, birria tacos and a variety of Caribbean meals. Billie is also the proud owner of an Australian Cattle Dog (Bluey) named Rex!

A former competitive swimmer for over 10 years, Billie was very successful when competing and even managed to reach North East Regionals! Although she no longer competes, Billie still lane swims regularly as a way to stay fit and have fun.

Golf is another sport that Billie has a history with. She used to play regularly and achieved an impressive handicap of under 20 at her peak. After taking a few years off, Billie has recently returned to the sport with the goal of surpassing her previous handicap.

Get In Touch

Billie’s enthusiasm for her role and her commitment to building meaningful relationships make her a valuable addition to the GCL Products team. We are excited to see the positive impact she will have on our business and look forward to supporting her in her journey with us.

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