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6 Benefits of Permeable Pavers for Car Parking

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The benefits of a permeable car parking solution

Almost every business has car parking facilities – whether it is for customers or employees. Solutions are available to ensure these car parks are both environmentally friendly and reduce flood risk: these are permeable car park solutions.

The use of high quality permeable pavers can meet commercial standards with ease. Plus they carry benefits that will interest any business owner.

This blog post explains.

X-Grid interconnects and can be cut to size to cover any size of area
A permeable paver carries benefits that can interest any business owner - ensuring car parks are environmentally friendly and reducing flood risk.

Benefit 1: Flood risk is reduced

Most commercial parking is paved with impermeable materials such as asphalt and concrete. Unfortunately, these materials do not allow for the effective and safe management of rain water. Often they require additional materials to supplement drainage and prevent flooding which comes at a cost.

A permeable paving grid – alternatively – allows water to drain through and into the ground below. Ultimately, this is a much more eco-friendly approach to stormwater management.

The long-term costs of maintenance is also drastically reduced using permeable grids as opposed to drainage systems. The pavers require almost zero maintenance yet can last for many years to come.

More UK surface flooding is predicted
X-Grid is permeable allowing water to drain through to the ground below and eridicate surface water build up.

Benefit 2: Fast installation time

Asphalt and concrete both take days (if not weeks) to install.

These solutions can both affect the speed at which the business can open trading, but it also needs heavy equipment and labour intensive work which can esculate the costs.

Permeable pavers need only basic excavation and installation – it can be completed in just one day. There are also no wait times and it can be used straight away.

X-Grid Car Park
X-Grid is easy to install and can be ready to use in one day.

Benefit 3: heavy duty infrastructure

X-Grid Paving Grid is extremely durable. It has a load capacity of 428 tonnes per square metre unfilled – this means it can handle level of weight, traffic and more without being compromised.

As well as this, it exceeds the durability of both concrete and asphalt. These pavers are designed for commercial and industry traffic and can outlast hardscape pavements. Ultimately, it will last a lifetime under any load or traffic conditions.

X-Grid are easy to install as they easily interlock together.
X-Grid is the ultimate in gravel retention grid - with a loading capacity of 428 tonnes.

Gravel Driveway Grid

Benefit 4: 100% recycled

X-Grid Permeable Paving Grid is 100% recycled – making them the most eco-friendly paving grid on the market.

The benefit of using recycled plastic means it can reduce the amount of plastic which ends in landfill or the oceans – giving the plastic a second life and saving the environment.

It also means less driving time and carbon emissions are used in the process.

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic
It is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic - meaning less waste in oceans and fewer carbon emissions.

Benefit 5: Cost efficient

Plastic paving grid costs less per square foot than concrete.

The surface takes into account land savings due to built-in permeability and detention. It uses 100% of the site’s land instead of separate areas for detention. It also costs less to install, less to transport and less to maintain.

With permeable paving the land usage is far more efficient. It means dedicated drainage space is unnecessary so can be transformed into additional parking spots. It has both short and long term benefits.

X-Grid can be quickly installed and is ready for use within one day.
X-Grid can be quickly installed and is ready for use within one day.

Benefit 6: A choice of styles

Grid is affordable, eco-friendly and nothing needs to be sacrificed in terms of style to achieve these benefits.

The paving grid can be trimmed to fit any area and there are lots of coloured options for the inner fill.

High visibility parking markers are also available for the grid to make these stand out. It looks just as effective, if not more stylish, than concrete or asphalt alternatives.

More than 40 styles or blends of resin bound gravel are available.
More than 40 styles or blends of resin bound gravel are available.


Parking lots are an easy target for a more environmentally-friendly space by installing permeable paving grid instead of asphalt or concrete.

Permeable grid creates a solution that is drainage-effective and reduces the risk of flooding. It is easy to install and is ready to use in all weathers within days.

From a financial perspective permeable paving grid also has long and short term cost benefits. It takes up less space than alternatives, requires little maintenance and can be laid with minimal need for labour.

X-Grid from GCL Products is the ultimate in gravel retention car parking grid. This offers a load capacity of 428 tonnes to withstand heavy vehicles. It is available in black, green and white.

Parking delineators are also available here.

For more information call our helpful and friendly customer service team on 01246 418144.

Gravel Driveway Grid

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