Using X-Grid as a base for garden buildings

How to use X-Grid to build a base for a garden building

A guide to using x-grid for garden buildings

When installing an outside garden building, it is important that it stands on flat, solid and stable ground.

A base needs to be able to take substantial weight. The base should be the same size as the footprint of the building.

X-Grid can be used as the base for the garden building. This blog post explains how it works.

X-Grid when used as a garden building base has many advantages.
X-Grid when used as a garden building base has many advantages.

Installing a garden base: deciding on location

When deciding on location to place the garden building, it is important to remember to make provisions for roof overhangs when constructing the base near trees, walls, other buildings or boundaries.

It is recommended that half a metre is left around the buildings. This is to leave space for roof overhangs and maintenance, such as preservative treatment and paint finishes.

If the building is to be situated under a tree, the foilage will potentially drop directly onto the roof, which could block gutter outlets. It is therefore important to regularly clean off the roof and gutters.

Should the building be used as an office or studio all year round, it is a good idea to think about positioning so that plenty of natural light is available.

X-Grid provides strength, versatility, weather resistance and lightweight construction.
X-Grid provides strength, versatility, weather resistance and lightweight construction.

The benefits of a plastic garden base

Garden bases are suitable for garden buildings, regardless of size, make or model. 

The interlocking plastic base panels are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. It features a unique design, each panel weighs only 0.57kg and has a simple slot and peg connection which makes installing bases an incredibly simple process. 

The foundations of X-Grid are strong, able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre when unfilled.

The strength of the base comes from its unique structure which is open and allows the base to be permeable. This means that any drainage will occur naturally into the ground below. This does not occur with concrete or wood as it can lead to puddling or flooding.

X-Grid provides a solid foundation for the building while ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

X-Grid carries a unique structure which is porous and high strength
X-Grid carries a unique structure which is porous and high strength.

Why choose a plastic base?

The foundation bases are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

These bases are UV and weather-resistant so it will not rot away or break down over time.

The design is open-cell, fully permeable and incredibly strong. It means that rainwater can drain naturally, reducing surface water build up or puddling and localised flooding.

A Plastic Base is made from 100% recycled materials.
A Plastic Garden Base is made from 100% recycled materials.

How to install plastic base

The simple steps below allow you to install X-Grid as a garden building base:

Step 1: Select an appropriate location for the garden base, ensuring that the ground is level and even. If the ground is soft and/or uneven, remove the existing top layer and replace with 50-70mm depth of crushed hardcore, compact and level.

Step 2: Cover the marked area out with weed membrane and fix with steel U Pins or plastic pegs in each corner and one in the centre. Trim the membrane to fit the area if necessary.

Step 3: Starting in one corner of the area, lay the first garden base panel on the ground so that the edges with slots are on the perimeter of the marked out area.

Step 4: Working from left to right, lay the second panel by placing the slot over the peg. Repeat the laying process working from left to right creating as many rows as necessary ensuring the slots are laid over the pegs.

Step 5: Once the building – such as a greenhouse – is complete, fill the panels with gravel. Each panel will take approximately 8kg of gravel to fill. Filling the panels will increase the strength and durability of the base.

Step 6: Install the garden building onto the newly created garden base.

X-Grid can be installed in six simple steps.
X-Grid can be installed in six simple steps.

Other types of garden base

Ground Screw Base: Ground screw foundations provide a solid, level base for all types of garden rooms. Ground screws can be installed all year round, in any weather, and 70% faster than traditional concrete foundations.

Concrete Slab Base: A concrete base is the most durable and solid foundation – but it is also the most expensive.

Strip Foundations: These are an easier, lighter and less expensive alternative to a concrete slab. It fits to almost any size of garden building if the ground is not sloped. 

Paving Slabs: A paving slab base is a good base for small and medium sized garden buildings. It is one of the easiest bases to build, relatively cheap and does not involve concrete work. 

Adjustable Riser Pedestal or Breeze Blocks: Ideal for creating a firm and durable base. It is ideal if the customer already has a standing surface that needs levelling.

Alternatives to X-Grid Garden Base are also available.
Alternatives to X-Grid Garden Base are also available.

All you need to know about x-grid

X-Grid is a versatile, SUDS compliant ground reinforcement grid which is suitable for a large number of applications.

It is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and offers an eco-friendly, highly permeable alternative to tarmac or concrete surfaces, most commonly used in both domestic and commercial car parking.

It has a proven comprehensive strength of up to 428 tonnes per square metre. It is compliant with DIN 1072 and weighs just over 5kg per sqm.

 The easy-to-handle nature of X-Grid means that a single person can lay up to 100m2 per house. With its 330mm x 330mm x 40mm dimension, connecting nine panels together forms a nominal square metre. Due to the modular nature of the grid, many different shapes can be created specifically for a project with minimal product wastage.

It is available in three colours – black, green and neutral.

The unique cell design means that gravel is retained much more effectively and prevents the fill from migrating to surrounding areas, causing unnecessary maintenance such as raking or sweeping.

The permeable nature of the grid allows water to pass through the structure into the sub-base below and helps to reduce surface water run-off.

X-Grid Black
Black X-Grid
X-Grid White
White X-Grid
X-Grid Green
Green X-Grid


X-Grid has a number of uses including domestic grass and gravel driveways, improving drainage for soggy lawns, adding stability to rockeries and borders, as well as making a perfect base for hot tubs, sheds and summerhouses.

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